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Ensemble Evolutis – Ghibli Melodies (live at Pandora)

Avignon 9 February 2018

Ensemble Evolutis – Ghibli MelodiesAs is only to be expected, a screening of selected scenes and scores from Studio Ghibli‘s extensive catalogue of films turns out to have attracted a suitably cosmopolitan audience of all ages and subcultural inclinations to this latest ciné-concert at the hiply bohemian Pandora Cinema.

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Ben Zimmerman: The Opposite

The recently unearthed double LP of Ben Zimmerman’s experiments with Tandy DeskMate music in the 1990s was a revelation; here, Software presents Ramez Silyan‘s short but informative documentary on The Baltika Years:

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Until The Light Takes Us

Until The Light Takes Us - DVD coverOK, first things first. Until The Light Takes Us isn’t really a music movie. It’s not a musical, for a start, though that would be awesome. Can you fucking IMAGINE how awesome that would be??? It isn’t a musical, though. It’s not even a movie ABOUT music, because while it DOES talk about the music, it moves swiftly on. It’s kind of a movie about musicians, because all its leading characters are musicians, but their musicianship is not really the issue – fuck it. Let’s start here. Let’s get that can, rip the lid off and chuck the worms out onto the newly-painted floor. Until The Light Takes Us is about Norwegian Black Metal.

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