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Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumentals 2015

Domino (Europe) / Drag City (Americas)

Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumentals 2015There was I thinking Dave Pearce (Flying Saucer Attack‘s main auteur) had retired from the music business entirely, living in some quiet corner of the countryside, content to be the only audience for his personal musings. Then out of the blue comes a whole album of instrumental fayre, a stark reminder of what makes FSA’s music so intriguing, essential even. Fifteen (title-less) sketches that play a delicate magic on your senses, a disquiet that you can’t avoid getting entangled with. The perfect accompaniment to staring off (forlornly) into the distance, perhaps, as if the sound were choreographing the wavering unrest of the landscape.

The spacey whirs of the opener certainly reassure you that Mr Pearce still has the potential to weave wonder out of next to nothing, a subtle spell

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