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Welcome to Freq in 2018

Freq has been online in various forms since April 1998; this iteration has been around as of 2010, with an archive of older material available — see below.

Please scroll down and on for the most recent reviews; see also the archives index for 1998-2009 below while there is also an A-Z index of everything posted so far.

The bulk of the record reviews 1998-2008 are in the following pages — as time allows they are being converted to the newer, searchable format:

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EC8OR/Shizuo/Bomb 20 (live)

The Garage, London 6th December 1998

There are few enough gigs where all three acts are equally placed in their levels of enthusiasm, energy and sheer in yer face enjoyment, but tonight is one of those nights where the rush of machine noise goes from strength to strength. Bomb 20 is first up, a surprisingly reasonable chap by the name of David Skiba, who faces a rack of electronics and forces unfeasibly pounding thuds, breaks and squirts of distressed kitsch out between his diffident thanks to the cyber-crusty-Techno-head crowd. Not content with the four-square restrictions of Techno, the beat jumps from Drum & Bass depthcharge shudder to clattery rewind with a smidgen of drill on top, but compared to Shizuo‘s set, Bomb 20’s is comparitively conventional, right down to the frighteningly polite “Thank you’s” which he slides in shyly between each of his minor apocalypses.

Whatever David Hammer‘s on (and

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