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Gnod – Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine

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Gnod - Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death MachineThere will be many howls, and here’s one of the first out of the blocks. Gnod can meander, at times (and I like their meanderings), but here the rage is palpable; this is a headbutt into the side of a fast-moving machine. Hawkwind on double-speed, ditching the mushrooms for Brown Acid and amphetamania.

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Gnod – Mirror


Gnod - MirrorOn the back of last year’s Infinity Machines double comes this dinky three tracker, the traumatic jazz of yore siphoned into some gloriously sculpted discord – 36 minutes that are seriously pissed off.

A notion that gathers momentum on the slinky low-slung beginnings of the opener – a Jah Wobble dub, all languid and wanting. “There’s too many faces in the mirror!”, exclaims Paddy. “I can’t decide which one a want to wear today”.

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Gnod – Infinity Machines


Gnod - Infinity MachinesSprawling its way across three sides of vinyl and two CDs, Infinity Machines is Gnod at their most epic. There’s a lot of it and can feel initially daunting to step into it as you realise the weight of expectation, and the fact that your brain has to disseminate so much music, creep up on you. So I’m going try my best at reviewing such a large body of work that has all the mystical trappings of being almost progressive, but steps away into a realm of its own.

Album opener “Control Systems” shifts between the initial barrage of its Throbbing Gristle-sounding industrial leanings that make it slightly verge on the latter’s “Discipline” territory. After this, the track moves into an almost wistful ambient-sounding section that bought to mind Japan’s “The Tennant” and “Experience of Swimming”. The fact

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Interview: Gnod

Fresh from the release of their recent triple album Infinity Machines, psychedelic space cadets Gnod have stripped down to a guitar-heavy four piece on the road. Michael Rodham-Heaps questions Gnod Gnetwerker Paddy via email about this most freaked-out of bands.

Gnod live at The Old Malt House

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Gnod / Anthroprophh (live at The Old Malt House)

Bristol 29 April 2015

The no-show of Shit & Shine was a bit of a disappointment but Anthroprophh wiped any dissatisfaction clean away with their deep-bellied spectral scream of speaker abuse.Anthroprophh live at The Old Malt HouseWedging their weapons into the speakers, it was a wholesome racket, all ill-tempered tilting extremes, suddenly poured out into a martial law of double drums, Gareth and Jesse smacking a strong rhythmic core to which Paul fed a sway of psychedelic serpents. A guitar that seemed to be constantly gnawing away at its leash, diving, spitting the convulsive.

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Various Artists – God Unknown Singles Club Vol. 1

God Unknown

God Unknown Singles Club vol 1This review is based on seven of the first 7″s released in the God Unknown Singles Club Volume 1, of a total of 10. What is most apparent is the variety musical output on these tracks. No specific genre is represented, rather it seems like a selection of artists from some underground, more than half of whom I had never even heard of. They vary very much, not only in style or attitude, but there is also a bit of variety in the quality of the recordings. As a compilation, the collection of artists and tracks works quite well together, but mainly I will say something about each single individually.

Gnod / Eternal Tapestry

Gnod / Eternal Tapestry split 7″

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Anthroprophh+Big Naturals/Gnod/Giant Swan (live at The Exchange)

3 February 2013 The Exchange, Bristol


Giant Swan were first up, a duo plying a lush clamour of harsh ear schisms that materialised into gristlised rhythms, a lot of box teased goodness to soak up. These boys certainly knew a thing or two about the art of bending circuitry. Loops and pick-up burrs literally ear danced in textural plugholes of echoed vox, resurrected in scars and sycamore incisions that wavered from slithering invisible points, suggestions of words playing in your inner ear – I swear I heard dildo o-o-o-o-oh-ing in all that fedback tourettes…

Having seen Gnod a few times now, I was half expecting a nomadic instrument showdown; slightly huffed to see my favourite head merchants had opted for a completely electronic persona. Needn’t have worried though, the resulting sounds didn’t lose

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