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Guapo/Stars in Battledress/ Disinformation/La Jetée (live at Baba Yaga’s Hut)

Corsica Studios, London 25 April 2013

Kavus Torabi of GuapoTo Corsica Studios, for an intriguing evening of films and performances to launch Guapo’s new album History of the Visitation, a tremendous release that maintains the consistently superb standards set by this London-based instrumental rock outfit since their inception in the mid-90s.

Proceedings began with a screening of Chris Marker’s 1962 short film La Jetée. It seems a little superfluous to review this, one of the most influential sci-fi films ever made: it is the subject of whole books of analysis (see here for one), although is perhaps best known nowadays as the basis for Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys.

It concerns a man who has survived an apocalyptic war and is coerced into being an experimental guinea pig within a community

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Guapo/Now/Hyper Kinako (live at Guinea Pig)

The Buffalo Bar, London 16 March 2003

The Guinea Pig club’s second outing finds the experiment being performed through the strange filter of Hyper Kinako, an Anglo-Japanese power Punk Pop band. As they’ve apparently got classical training to back up their skittish riffs and obscure lyrics, it’s no surprise that the delivery is precise in it’s chaos, a well-drilled cacophony of rattly percussion and reedy keyboards which includes moments of theatrical silliness. Singer Toko is decked out in a pink feather boa, occasionally donning huge googles to sing maniacally fun songs with titles like “Car & Kettle”. Hyper Kinako have a neat ability to leapfrog the 4/4 grind on a track like “Popping Step”, which pounces from sharp-anlged beat to Eighties-infected Art Rock skank with glee, and the introduction of glittery pom-pom waving cheerleaders adds further pantomime humour to their set for the catchy singalong number “Tokyo Invention Registration Office”,

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