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Gum Takes Tooth – Silent Cenotaph


Gum Takes Tooth - Silent CenotaphThe live-wire pairing of drummer Thomas Fuglesang and electronic sound-mangler Jussi Brightmore have come on leaps and bounds, deservedly gathering admirers as they have done so, since their debut album, Silent Cenotaph. First released in 2011 , it’s now finally been blessed with a Tigertrap vinyl edition, wrapped up in as suitably bizarre a gatefold cover as its music deserves and Brightmore could devise.

The duo push the envelope of drums’n’FX-centred outfits with a heavy electronic bent, as exemplified by the distended visceral jolts of Lightning Bolt, the Moog-infested lurching thrills of Temperatures or the more trance-oriented Zombie Zombie. With tendrils which flow back to such luminaries as I’m Being Good and Blood Stereo, and their own joint genesis in

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Trans Am / Gum Takes Tooth (live at Green Door Store)

Brighton 11 November 2014

In one swift motion I will disperse any notions of latent ’90s cool – I’d never knowingly listened to Trans Am before. I didn’t even know if it’s Tram Am or Trans AM, an automobile or a radio station. Entering the venue I was immediately struck by the very particular nature of the audience – not a one under 30, few over 40 — the vast majority of them looking slightly out of place, emblematic of an audience who only frequents gigs of bands they liked as teenagers.

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Gum Takes Tooth – Mirrors Fold


Gum Takes Tooth - Mirrors FoldRhythm is probably the earliest organizing factor of music, going back to when humanity were beating on rocks and picking up sticks. The rhythm defines what kind of music something is, whether it’s a romantic rockabilly ballad or a classical scherzo; or an aimless ambient drift in its absence. Rhythm is the pulse, the breath of life, the beating heart of a piece.

With the proliferation of digital recording and the prevalence of pre-recorded loops, there is a danger of losing millions of beats as rhythms are shoehorned into the confines of the rigid 4/4 grid favoured by recording software. Basically, heavily syncopated beats and odd time signatures are difficult to loop, layer, and programme. The danger is that loose,

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Gum Takes Tooth – Buried Fires


Gum Takes Tooth - Buried FiresBlending shimmery blurs of electronics with West African-derived polyrhythmic loops and swerves, this taster from the forthcoming album from drum-loving noiseniks Gum Takes Tooth shimmies and shakes with a deftly-assured sway, ripples of synth and coasting vocal drones layered sparsely over and around the hypnotically-intertwining beats. If this is anything to judge by, then Mirrors Fold should be quite the LP to both satisfy the body and befuddle the brain.

It’s also no great surprise to find that singular exponent of harsh industrial grind turned rhythm enthusiast Cut Hands remixing the track on the the flipside of the 7″ vinyl either. Here, William Bennett applies his own particular brand of faux-Afro-futurism to the track, drawing out booming bass and

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