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Arbeit Schickert Schneider – A S S

Bureau B

Arbeit Schickert Schneider - A S SSome lovely head-spheres to had here; Bureau B have a penchant for headphoned fayre and this gem of new production that gathers together three renowned Berlin guitarists certainly hits the mark. A tirade of Neubauten‘s Jochen Arbeit, Ziguri‘s Günter Schickert and Schneider TM‘s Dirk Dresselhaus that literally dissolves into one cohesive whole, their usual weapons of choice circuit bent into a necropolis of simmering silica in a series of eerie instrumentals that daisy-chain into an explorative whole.

The first five tracks flying by, immersive, radiating – listerined washes nursed in distending apertures. When the beats hit, they turn things tractive, full of arabesquing vanishing points and droning afterglows. A sumptuous landscape that takes off in ley-lined intents, stickled

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Günter Schickert – Samtvogel


Günter Schickert - SamtvogelWhere do I begin – with a simple statement perhaps? Like “this is one of the most important Krautrock albums made during the ’70s,” perhaps? It certainly stands singular amongst most of it contemporaries at the time (1974); it is unique and it’s difficult when reviewing it to find cultural points of reference to allude to. But here goes…

“Apricot Brandy” starts the album. The track is unbelievably subtle and quiet, almost ambient in its mood (this before Brian Eno came up with ambient music as a genre). Its soft vocals lure you into a strange world. Guitars rattle, but through so much echo that they clatter around the walls sounding like particles from space hitting the atmosphere. The bass stays low and almost drones in

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Günter Schickert – HaHeHiHo


VCO is a label that specialises in limited cassette-only releases. They have released tapes by Zombi, Majeure, Steve Moore and Jonas Reindhart, with most of these editions running between the 50 to 100 copies mark. This edition of music recorded in 1996 by Schickert has had a hundred copies made.*

The album opens with “Morning,” tablas and percussion building a steady rhythm under an eastern-sounding guitar fugue to make the piece sound like an early morning raga. Günter Schickert’s guitar is crystal clear and gives the feeling of temples at dawn. “Sieben” starts with a vicious synthesizer arpeggio while other electronic noises bleep over the top and the guitar hits odd flanged notes – the sound is not unlike Ash Ra Tempel’s later

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Günter Schickert – Überfallig

Bureau B

Günter Schickert’s solo albums and the recordings he made with his band GAM for years have felt like a lost part of the classic seventies Krautrock era. It’s surely not because they sit in an uneasy space between Ash Ra Tempel and modern composers such as Steve Reich, as various other artists such as Kraftwerk were known to step over the line between rock and the avant-garde. His first album Samtvogel (1973) was even released by seminal Krautrock label Brain which was also putting out releases by Klaus Schulze at the same time. It feels as though Günter’s output has been sidelined for the bigger name bands of the time and the importance of some of his releases have been underplayed. Hopefully this Bureau

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