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Guru Guru – UFO

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Guru Guru - UFOOozing an off-kilter chemistry, Guru Guru were full of escape plans and wormholing excess filled with a real “let’s see what these toys can do” verve. The first three tracks of their début album UFO (re-released at last on both black and turquoise vinyl by Play Loud!) hold court to a certain rock joie de vivre, a freeform adventure that surges at you both explosive and mesmerizing, its gritty lo-fi-ness devoid of that modern hi-def, Blu-rayed smoothness that totally misses the point.

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Guru Guru – Hinten

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Guru Guru - HintenJust guitar, bass and drums — it’s a simple tirade but Guru Guru pushed beyond those limitations, expanding out into a universe eaten into with discordant joys, and zim-zoned tresses of effect-soaked goodness. There’s chord ego in there, yeah, but what Seventies band didn’t cling to that tattered flag — but for these guys it was just a starting point which hooked into a whole lot more — even by today’s standards, they still give me goose bumps, leopard-gecko my inner space with glittering possibility.

“Electric Junk” sets the stage in staggered splinters, an arresting opening slipping into something more comfortable, a Clapton-esque juju full of sliding dunes, delicious bends; it knows excess, revels in it perfectly as the wah threads roast themselves like “Hotel California” solos

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