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Björk – Vespertine

Label: One Little Indian Format: CD

Vespertine - sleeve If, at any point in the last six or seven years, you had only taken the time to ask, then I would have told you, dear reader, that Björk Gudmundsdottir was THE Great Pop star of the 1990’s, what Bowie was to the 70’s, and, I would contend, Prince to the 1980’s. I use the term great not in the term of these people selling the most records, although they all have done great business there too, in their time. What I am referring to is a certain kind of character who is the best example of their age, a unique voice completely of their times and yet somehow always outside of and beyond them, a genius at the peak of their powers, doing their best work (and here we come to the

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Primal Scream – Exterminator

Label: Creation Format: CD,LP

“The time to rise has been engaged” – REM

Exterminator - sleeve It has occurred to me on more than just this one occasion that giving our seers and soothsayers money to throw about is often not the best thing for them. Witness the fate of Roxy Music and Johnny Rotten, Jefferson Airplane, Sly Stone, The Rolling Stones, Kurt Cobain and (most recently) Van Morrison and Prince. One of several things almost invariably happens. Either they dry up, they compromise their vision, trying to recreate past glories, but with a more commercial spin on it; more catchy, more popular. Or they get a taste for all the money thrown at them, and want more. Or else they spend it all on drugs. Some of them just can’t handle it at all, the machinations now surrounding them, the

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Primal Scream (live)

T & C, Leeds 17th April 2000

So this is what gigs look like these days. It’s been awhile. Last time I was here I got thrown out for pogoing atop the right-hand side speaker stacks on, if I remember rightly, a combination of mushrooms and speed. This time I sit quietly on the stairs overlooking the audience and crowdwatch. Well, I’ve not been well. Girls with those colourful children’s hairclip things that I’ve never really fully understood the point of mill about below. One solitary chemically empowered casual dances wild-eyed to the pre-gig choonz on the PA, and is given an appropriately wide berth by those around him, but other than that there are no real characters for me to report. The boys drink much beer and look strikingly ordinary, most all of them having that Oasis-casual thing going on so unfortunately prevalent today. Younger people than I sit

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