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Hellfish – One Man Sonic Attack Force

Label: Planet Mu Format: CD

One Man Sonic Attack Force - sleeveBringing together a selection of 12″ tracks and a scattering of remixes by DJ Hellfish, One Man Sonic Attack Force showcases his penchant for mashing together Hardcore Techno and Gabba with HipHop and making the results bleed. “U Don’t Quit”, with its rumbunctious MC extolling the vitues of party-busting breaks demonstrates just how much better the uptempo beats of chart-friendly acts like … could be when the right amount of weighty distortion is applied. Hellfish’s “Steelfinger” remix of “Iron Hand” does similar to the over-familiar trick of sampling “Kung-Fu Fighting”, so that those seminal “Woh hoh ho ho” quotations introduce a tune which proceeds to wreak havoc on The Speed Freak‘s original plundering. The BPMs rack up woozily against the fragmented vocal snippets, radio-chatter threats colliding with the tinkly faux Orientalism of the

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Hellfish – Meat Machine Broadcast System

Label: Planet µ Format: CD

Meat Machine Broadcast System - sleeve detailThis album rocks like a solid gold bastard. This is how Hardcore should be. It’s dirty and brutal to the nth degree. Hellfish will have you bouncing off the walls with this corrosive sonic collage.

Hardcore Techno has it’s origins in Hardcore Rave and Gabba – that wonderful amphetamines-only Dutch creation. The sound has much more of a Rap influence here though. So much for the lesson. I’ve heard me fair share of Hardcore Techno. It’s banging and it’s fast – 180+ bpm up all night Gabba territory – but, well … it isn’t a patch on this. Hellfish sticks his fingers down Hardcore’s throat and makes it regurgitate itself. If anything deserves to be called hardcore it’s Meat Machine Broadcast System. In my opinion Hellfish is up there with Alec Empire

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