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His Name Is Alive – Patterns Of Light

Silver Mountain Media Group / London London

His Name Is Alive - Patterns Of LightHot on the heels of Tecuciztecatl‘s rock operatics comes this new offering from Michigan’s finest, His Name is Alive. Another guitar-fuelled fandango, this time burning up on all that particle physics hysteria of a few years back when we all thought we’d be sucked into a dark matter vortex as science glimpses the momentarily flash of the God Particle.

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His Name Is Alive – Tecuciztecatl

London London

His Name Is Alive - TecuciztecatlLoving the swagger of the guitars here, the knuckled licks swimming the percussive candour, that tasty swoon clinging to every note. That unmistakable Ft. Lake glow about its gills, the momentum itchy-feet switching, a Hendrix fixation swapped for a pantheon of ’70s muscle with dips into the Nice Day EP‘s “Crushed Upon The Corner” jives. If this was an anonymous white label, a question would be tickling my head excitingly with whispers of possibility — is this His Name is Alive? A question quashed by that unmistakable sweetness of vocal that sways the barometer completely in caps-locked YESes. I’ve been a fan of the band since their Livonia days, and I’ve got to say this is another feather

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His Name Is Alive (live at Toynbee Hall)

Lovetta PippenArts Café, Toynbee Hall, London 3 July 2001

One of the things about getting older is the urge to mellow out, to chill into a fully-realised state. Warn Defever has been skimming the surfaces and wading into the depths of music for over a decade now, and his frequently disparate collision of sounds and genres onto each His Name Is Alive record has been whittled down into a focussed approach to collecting sounds together. This has found its most recent form on the (apparently, deceptively) polished R&B sheen of the surprising Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth, but anyone expecting the live show accompanying that album to revolve around funky beats and low basslines was in for yet another raised eyebrow moment – the latest in a long series from Defever and company.

Instead, the swooningly hot interior of the Arts

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