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Holger Czukay – Cinema


Holger Czukay - CinemaWhere to start with Holger Czukay? His is a name with which any self-respecting music fan will be only too familiar.

Holger had a career that started in 1960 with the introduction of the Holger Schuring Quintet, then time spent as a student of Karlheinz Stockhausen

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Holger Czukay – La Luna

Label: Tone Casualties Format: CD

La Luna - sleeve As they say on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, the Can man can! The Can man can! Uh… hold on a second, that”s candy man, isn`t it. Not Can man. Oh bugger. So what can the Can man do? Fucking tons, as it happens. But this is something of a surprise. As is the fact that, as we reach midsummer, every fucker starts releasing albums which are very lunar. Odd, that. Coil have done it, now here`s Holger Czukay with “An electronic night ceremony”.

A Throbbing Gristle-style pulse kicks it all off, and then builds gradually into a really quiet rhythm track with mad little noises coming in and out. A main part of the percussion sounds like someone playing the spoons underwater, and you end up with this kind of menacing ambient malarkey

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Holger Czukay – Good Morning Story

Label: Tone Casualties Format: CD,LP

Good Morning Story - sleeve detailIs this what it’s like to wake up with Mr. Czukay every morning? Well, anyway, Holger’s come back and the general consensus is that he’s looking camp as ever. Good Morning Story is a nice wake up call, sampled generously with lots of Can and it shows. Mr. C. claims this to be his first time playing with an ordinary sampler, rather than his own tape-splice constructions, so it seems logical that he would choose what’s already in the cupboard. Probably a million things could be said and comparisons made about the whole Holger-Can connection/dislocation. Instead of treading on the beaten to death path of that dear argument, how about a look at Good Morning Story without regard to the obvious…

This record is kind of simply epic. It effuses a piercing clarity

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