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Holly Herndon / Amnesia Scanner (live at XOYO)

London 10 June 2015

It is good to remember why you came. How the reverberation of the bass through every cell is like the lift of a wave that carries you. How each staccato re-teaches your heart to beat. Percussion is life, rhythm is the first language and with it we make sense. Every sentence you’ve ever read and truly felt has had its own cadence to keep it in place.

These are my first thoughts when I wake up the morning after Holly Herndon‘s packed-out show at XOYO remembering the threads of the night before. Remembering why I came.Holly Herndon live at XOYO June2015Electronic music has become ubiquitous and the club scene is so well established as to have amassed whole generations of followers. Techno has become

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Holly Herndon – Platform

4AD (UK)/RVNG Intl (USA and elsewhere)

Holly Herndon - PlatformAbout two thirds of the way in to Holly Herndon‘s Platform, on the track “Lonely at the Top”, there comes an intimacy so disarming that, on first listen, I was unsure of what I was hearing.

Platform is Holly’s second album; I reviewed her first album, Movement and, though I liked it a lot, I found it a little too disjointed, calling it “admirable geekery” that needed “more substance to be fulfilling”. And perhaps this is why I am so enamoured of Platform — it is more joined-up and coherent as a singularity — more than a collection, it has something of the narrative shape that I associate with the idea of an album.

Whilst Platform carries many of the same motifs of Movement — the disjointedness is a signature, and Holly’s use

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Holly Herndon – Movement

RVNG Intl.

Holly Herndon - MovementThis album has been around since November 2012. So I’m a little late to the chorus of adulation. I’m doing my best not to read all the reviews that scroll up when I google Holly Herndon‘s name.

Is it awful to admit I had no idea?

Oh well. I didn’t have any idea, but when it was suggested I might like to review this, I was intrigued. I watched the video for the title track and single and was actually spellbound. Musically and visually this was arresting, beautiful stuff.

I wasn’t sure I could do it justice. I’m not a massive follower of the scene, I just catch snippets here and there. Maybe it is because I was told she lists Laurie

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