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Fuck Buttons/Alexander Tucker (live at The ICA)

The Institute for Contemporary Arts, London 30 January 2008

Alex Tucker at the ICAFuck Buttons at the ICAHere is my ATP festival experience. I always seem to miss the bands that I wind up liking the most. So, having missed Fuck Buttons at The Nightmare Before Christmas I wasn’t going to miss them again when they came to Ithe CA, and they more than lived up to my expectations.

First on was fellow ATP label mate Alexander Tucker, who built up a goodly wall of avant-folk loops. Tucker is always worth seeing and didn’t disappoint on this occasion. Playing a solo set, he built up his loops using a cello, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and voice. He lulled the

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Holly Golightly/The Pipettes (live at the ICA)

London 11 May 2004

Since leaving Thee Headcoatees, Holly Golightly has been carving her own idiosyncratic niche in Garage Blues, lo-fi R&B in a retro Punk vein. Eschewing the vagaries of digital technology for the immediacy of vintage Vox amplifiers, Hofner guitars and a voice turned to honkytonk leather by bourbon and bar room smoke. Bearing all this in mind it is perhaps surprising to find Holly playing at the ICA: land of square glasses, new media and progressive Drum’n’Bass DJ sets. So with some trepidation, and an irrational fear that she has swapped her Medway Delta Blues band for a couple of nerds with laptops, we find ourselves in this hallowed bastion of culture.

We are somewhat reassured by the support act, The Pipettes, who romp their way through a half hour of Sixties girlband Pop complete with eccentric organist and female trio in op-art frocks. Top marks to

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