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In Camera – Era


In Camera - EraPunk had vaporised into a new beast by the tail end of the Seventies, ripping out of its tri-chord skin into something altogether sleeker and weirder. Luckily for us pleasure-seekers, a then-unknown inquisitor going by the name of Ivo Watts-Russell was scouting around for talent for his fresh-faced label 4AD, mopping up all the post-punk verve he could get his hands on. In retrospect, he had a good ear, way before the likes of Cocteau Twins or the Pixies, a radar for the times you might say, searching out atmospheres that captured/kicked against a certain overcast grey dreariness that anyone living here is all too accustomed to, a zeitgeist-chewed bleakness that he herded into the era-defining Natures Mortes compilation of 1981.


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