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A Splendid Chaos – an interview with Faust

A Splendid Chaos

28th October 1998

Faust have been a legendarily chaotic group since their origins as a kind of experiment in the creation of an anti-rock band in the early Seventies. Nearly thirty years on they remain as surprising and unpredictable as ever, live or on record, as they have throughout their erratic career, as Antron S. Meister witnessed at their London gig at The Garage on October 25th, and in the venue’s Mini-Bar bar on the rainy afternoon before, where the following interview took place. As with Faust’s music, conventional structures and transparent answers should not be expected.

Faust are:

Hans Joachim Irmler Werner “Zappi” Diermaier

Other Faust members not present at the interview:

Steven W. Lobdell – Guitar Michael Stoll – Bass, contra-bass and flute Ché Clément – Spiritual adviser and noise Lars Paukstat – Noise Till von Hoffman – Tour manager and noise

FREQ: Faust

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