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Agnes Hvizdalek – Index


Agnes Hvizdalek - IndexAgnes Hvizdalek‘s solo début Index is a 47-minute piece that explores the sonic possibilities of the human voice, recorded at the bottom of a 60 metre-high chimney in the ancient factory of Casa das Caldeiras in the heart of São Paulo, made during her residency there in 2016.

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Hilde Marie Holsen – Ask


Hilde Marie Holsen - AskHeavy skies that turn from the beautiful to the devastating; Ask is the immersive solo début of young Norwegian trumpet player Hilde Marie Holsen.

It’s a good five minutes until the first recognisable trumpet sounds arrive, such priority is given to the distinctive voice swirling around inside the electronics. Even though combining solo trumpet with the latest software is not new to me, there is a clear musical intent to Holsen’s heavy processing that she uses to surround, modify and merge with her minimalistic horn playing.

Holsen’s trumpet gets radically expanded through her command of software, and whilst the options and variations are staggering, the honing in seems to be well under way. There is little about this that feels random,

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Aidan Baker & Idklang – In The Red Room


Aidan Baker & Idklang - In The Red RoomGently grooving guitars weave in and out of focus, playful in their interaction and sporadic dialogues with each other. At times they align, generating a collective groove that rolls along with the free spirit of Krautrock. In other moments they separate, creating backdrops for each other casting light and shadows, or providing minute detailed explorations of sonic material, until once again, they reunite and take on a common direction.

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James Welburn – Hold


James Welburn - Hold“Naught” is a great start with its verby bass plunges and clip-winged percussion from The NecksTony Buck. James Welburn‘s music brings to mind the grim determination of early Swans or the merciless grind of Godflesh, here coupled with the distant hum of nose-diving Stukas. The minimal muscle underneath grinding away like a clogged artery, extra drones weaving in, gathering like a Godspeed venture sans the orchestral willow. A magnetic maelstrom tonally piling on the obliqueness.

Crank the volume up and it roars, as lower registers bite and the drone parabolics invert into a destructive swarm effectively drowning out all this annoying electoral babble. There’s some good perspective-filled noise at play here as secondary chords harvest smoking axels, throbbing with almost devotional

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Gerda/MoE/The Observatory (live at Felix Pub & Scene)

Gerda live October 2014 2Lillehammer 8 October 2014

My friends, rock music truly is in a good place right now; forget longing for the days gone by — what we have right now is incredible. I’m spending a lot of time in Lillehammer these days — usually I go outside town for my musical fill, but last night, quite luckily, I got smacked for weeks by three utterly thrilling musical rides. The pictures do not at all express the level of the performances I experienced yesterday, nor would a video; being there and having these refined artistic works unfolding right in front of you by the very hands that made them, that’s what it’s all about for me.

All three of these acts stretched the sounds and expressions of

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