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Morphogenesis / Colin Potter and Jonathan Coleclough (live at Café Oto)

London 10 September 2015

Café Oto, a place that seems to be shorthand for Bobos to some people. However, tonight there were far more middle-aged music nerds than craft-ale and pulled pork enthusiasts (as there seems to be every time I’m at the venue, yet it has this reputation as being wall to wall, errr, the ‘H’ word).

First up was a duo featuring the mighty Colin Potter. Potter sat centre stage in front of an array of hardware (mixing desk, pedals, et al), whilst his accomplice Jonathan Coleclough activated various boxes taped to the walls etc throughout. At the start Potter stated that “anything could happen”, turning the mind toward catastrophe. Luckily, the man at the controls had control of the situation and we were treated to Colin’s tactile, vivid sound (his contribution to the Nurse With Wound‘s sound is undeniable).

Once underway, an icy metallic drone rose from

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Jonathan Coleclough – Windlass

Label: Korm Plastics Format: CD

Jonathan Coleclough has been a musical associate of such soundscrapers as Organum and Colin Potter, and Windlass is his first CD beyond a limited edition release on Robot Records. The album makes extensive use of Ambient drones to darkling effect, and has all the spectral hallmarks of the chilly wastes of post-Industrial head music.

The welling bass tones lurk in murky, but warm, depths as an ominous undertow; it’s the mid-range and trebly organ parts which contain the sinister slo-mo dread of horripilation, creeping slyly under the skin to make it crawl with building tension. A mood piece of a single forty-minute tack, Windlass fits easily into the environment, making its presence felt almost rather than heard. There are sampled (or synthetic?) bird calls, extended chimes and fizzing static, low rhythmic wavers in the bass flow and other such developments to maintain the organic

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