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Klaus Schulze – Androgyn

MIG Music

Klaus Schulze - AndrogynKlaus Schulze is one of the pioneers of electronic music; his expansive cosmic music from the 1970s changed the face of modern popular music, and along with Tangerine Dream, it gave the world the Berlin School sound.

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Klaus Schulze – Big In Japan (Live In Tokyo 2010)

MiG/Captain Trip

Klaus Schultze – Big In JapanAfter spending the last few years playing live with Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard, Klaus Schulze thought it was time to get back to playing some ‘pure’ Schulze live and this is exactly what this double disc delivers.

Schulze had not played in Japan since 2003 and these shows were set up by a fan of the man. It seems as if Klaus took this on board and decided to play a set full of classic sounds for his audience. The disc opens with “The Returns,” a reworking of 1977’s Mirage track “Crystal Lake.” This piece shimmers beautifully in all its Rivendell glory. Majestic string sounds cascade over each other as Schulze switches from major to minor key in a lilting stillness like summer air on water. When the major theme kicks in it begins

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