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Kling Klang – The Superposition EP

Label: Rock Action Format: 12″,CDS

Three tracks, barely eleven minutes in total and more accomplished than an hour of almost any other band you choose to name. The five piece Kling Klang – the original core trio of Joe McLaughlin , Amy Corcoran and Dave Smyth with Ali McDonald‘s drumming and Peter Smyth filling out the keyboard ranks – are a force to be reckoned with. The band have a genuine love of their chosen weapons: cheap keyboards from the Eighties, monstrous organs, guitar stomp boxes; but also a Punk pop sensibility and an ear for a hook like nobody’s business. Neither Metal nor Avant Garde but something that combines the accomplishments of the two.

The Superposition appears from left field, and before we know what has hit us, we’re eye-deep in “Heavydale”. The opening track of Liverpool space punk band Kling Klang’s third single, does exactly what it says

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Kling Klang/Tennis/Ticklish (live at the Kosmische Club)

Kling KlangThe Kosmische Club

Upstairs At The Garage, London 28 July 2001

For the Kosmische Club’s fifth birthday, the party hats, balloons and banners have been brought out to celebrate half a decade of putting on one of the best clubs in London, if not the country and possibly the world. A touch of hyperbole, perhaps, but the nice thing about this club, despite the almost unbearable heat in the small roof-space room which has plagued Upstairs At The Garage in summer since the year dot, is how intimate it is. Not just in the sense of being small, but there’s usually a general air of seriously friendly fun and frivolity to be found, and it’s especially the case tonight. The party mood may not be that different from the average Kosmische, but the selection of DJ’ed tunes and live guests makes for

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Kling Klang – Rocker/Vander

Label: Guided Missile Format: 7″

Rocker/Vander - sleeve The seven inch single, that ancient hallowed artifact: Conduit of commerce, copper coin of pop song, object of reverence and disposable frisbee. Once in a very rare while one will come along to download into your daytime consciousness and unconscious reverie: A hook, a lyric and a skilfully-turned bassline, a drumming of the fingers on public transport or a bout of air guitar in private lodgings. How strange then that the single I am here to review should be an instrumental by a synthesizer trio.

Liverpool’s “Sonic No-Wave Electronic Frazz Punk” trio Kling Klang have taken the hoary old format and injected it with an anarchistic Modernism, all jagged edges and square wave aggregates. Split between the 45rpm “Rocker” and the 33rpm “Vander”, this is a definitive statement of intent. The opening crunch of a mechanical

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