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Kontakte’s These Machines track by track

Kontakte – These MachinesLondon-based duo Kontakte‘s 2014 release These Machines brought a blissfully blistering end to their silence of two years between albums. Here, Ian Griffiths and Stuart Low give a detailed breakdown of how and why each of the album’s tracks came into being.


“Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames” These Machines – Limited Edition CD by KONTAKTE

Stuart: This track was birthed over a number of years, the original bare bones were written in 2005 – 2006 and it existed in that form for a few years until 2009 when I started recording bits and pieces as a home demo. It was during this time that the idea for a ‘desert’-sounding lead guitar came to me, along with the extremely droney guitars

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Kontakte – These Machines

The Collapse Of Everything

Kontakte – These MachinesKontakte‘s latest album proves itself to be well worth the two years of concerted effort the duo have put into pushing the envelope of their music. It feels somehow broader, more expansive, even for a band who already knew full well how to bring out the brightly psychedelic edges and sharpen their perceptions on the manoeuvrings of their guitar, bass and electronics.

The sense of stillness, of time held in abeyance, that Kontakte are so fond of utilising acts as a melodic counterpoint to the moment which every step through the pluck and soft strum of a clean guitar and the hovering keyboard drone presages – that drop, the kicking in of drum machine and enough fuzz and distortion to quite

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Kontakte – We Move Through Negative Spaces

Drifting Falling

Kontakte – We Move Through Negative SpacesKontakte are one of those bands whose music is determined to make all the angst and cares of the world slip away into the place buried far, far away from the territory which they map out with bright-eyed enthusiasm, a landscape participated in through endless journeys and defined by bright colours sharply-defined in broad, dynamic strokes. This is not to deny the hint of melancholia, but as the music shifts the mood evolves into one of hopeful optimism, slipping into the realms of sun-dappled intensity on waves of heart-breaking/soothing strings and ultimately uplifting electronics while the guitars bring the noise as and when the motion can no longer be denied.

As hinted at on the “[post=”kontakte-superbug-ep” text=”Superbug”]” single, the drum machines are performing new duties for

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Kontakte – Superbug EP

Drifting Falling

Kontakte – SuperbugLondon bliss-rockers Kontakte continue their journey into the outer reaches of motorik rhythms and chimingly elevated guitar work with an EP which works around the theme in differing ways. “Superbug” itself boils over with tightly-wound energy, surging from twinkly psychedelic guitar melodies which dive off into shoegaze metal territory on a bedrock of cascading, weighty beats and a buzzing undertow. It’s reminiscent of the way Bowery Electric took the sound of ecstatic soaring guitars and made them throb to drum machine rhythms, but updated for a new century of technological beat-making, pulling off switchback returns until the final crash out.

“The Light Shining From A Window Behind Us” brings a benign uncoiling piano solo to the fore to introduce the final push into the reverse-engineered electronica of “Flight Paths,” where crossover keyboard reverberations trickle Harmonia-like into a langorous

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