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Zeitkratzer – Performs Songs From The Albums Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk 2

Zeitkratzer Productions / Karlrecords

Zeitkratzer Performs Songs From The Albums Kraftwerk And Kraftwerk 2Continuing their long-running series of interpretations of avantgarde and electronic music through the ages, Reinhold Friedl‘s exploratory ensemble celebrate their twentieth birthday (and Karlrecords‘ tenth anniversary) with the first round of a selection of pieces

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Kraftwerk – Expo2000

Label: EMI/Electrola Format: 12″,CDS

Expo2000 - sleeve detailSmoothness… There is nothing inherently wrong with this. It would be easy to bring the metaphor of the “well-oiled machine” into play in considering these four pieces. Is the situation of the metaphor the dominant theme in the existence of Kraftwerk? Even in the days of the Kosmische, there was this notion of reaching the cosmic, voyaging into outer space through inner space, and otherwise reaching a fair amount of transcendence. So, too, can transcendence be reached by fuck music – which these pieces certainly are, and beautifully so. At lower levels it makes plants grow and at slightly higher levels it can be assimilated into entirely. The sweat-blossoms of the discotheque germinate many carnal and carnivorous encounters. Meat-eater? A Venus fly-trap?

“Man…nature…technology…” – and in other languages, the machine moves seamlessly. It has been alleged

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