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Krautzone – The Complete Works


Krautzone - The Complete WorksKrautzone have to be one of my favourite new bands of the last couple of years. Not only are the covers of the albums (by Komet Lulu) so beautifully designed, but the music is powerful, hypnotic, trance-like and just plain out there. Here, we are treated over two CDs to the complete recorded works of the band, plus one never-before released bonus track that gives you enough stoned out vibes for you to go searching the astral plane for a whole evening. All of these releases have been on very limited vinyl editions, so this is a good way to get everything for a fraction of the price the LPs now command.

My review of the first CD Kosmische Rituale can be found elsewhere, so its best you probably

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Krautzone – Kosmische Rituale


Krautzone – Kosmische RitualeA beautiful-looking release from Sulatron Records, this cosmic slab has three massive planet-sized tracks on it. The album is a collaboration between Electric Moon members Sula Bassana and Komet Lulu and Zone Six members Modulfix and Rainer Neef. These improvisations from Krautzone are pure kosmische soundtracks to outer space travelling.

“Liebe” starts off with some moody synth playing and a very laid-back vibe that lets you drift away on its beautiful atmosphere. Imagine staring at the full moon from a beach and the stars hurtling overhead, and you get an idea of its groove. Drums are steady and remind me somewhat of Steve Jansen at times, especially as they get slightly more tribal. Onkel Kaktus‘ bass is steady and helps the whole rhythm gain a rolling

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