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Kreidler – ABC

Bureau B

Kreidler - ABCKreidler’s latest album continues their post-kraut-rock meets techno melange — a kind of bastard love child of Neu! and Carl Craig — which emerged on their 2012 album Den. ABC is a genre-bending and -blending collection of tracks built around consistently strong keyboard and guitar riffs with driving percussion.

ABC was recorded in Tbilisi, Georgia and the east meets west vibe of the studio’s location rubs off on the album’s sound from the outset. The opening track, “Nino,” evokes a strong silk road vibe through the guitar lines, while the drumming has a steely, cold insouciance. This combination, with some swooshy synths overlaid, makes for a kind of industrial space funk roller. The track builds its layers into a rousing crescendo, but

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Kreidler – Den

Bureau B

By 1959, a third of all the motorcycles produced in Germany were manufactured by Kreidler, a small metalwork business bearing the name of its founder Anton Kreidler, which had been shifted into the production of two-wheel automotive transport by his son Alfred earlier in the decade. By a truly curious coincidence, in 2012 a third of all albums produced in Germany were by the band Kreidler, formed in Düsseldorf 1994, their taproots deep in the fecund Westphalian musical soil of that city.

Sadly, only the first part of that paragraph is actually true. It could just be wishful thinking, or it could be down to two large measures of Jägermeister from the bottle I bought duty free at Schönefeld Airport yesterday. Either way, although Kreidler

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Kreidler – Tank

Bureau B

After their welcome batch of [post=”cluster-roundup” text=”Cluster-related releases”], Bureau B now turn their attention back to the present, and a brand new album by one of Krautrock’s spiritual offspring. Kreidler have always seemed very much the children of Can with their real time grooves that somehow sounded more precise than machines. Their earlier austere miniatures have gradually given way to more expansive grooves and tonal palettes over the years, with last year’s Mosaik 2014 sounding comparatively lush and slick in comparison. Although the results were satisfying, the process had taken the group over a year to complete and so, wary of travelling further up this route, Kreidler made a decision that Tank would reflect a return to basics.

Rather than painstakingly edit and manipulate studio improvisations as on Mosaik 2014, Kriedler drew on their years of live experience to

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Kreidler – Kreidler

Label: Mute (USA)/Wonder (Europe) Format: CD,2LP

Kreidler - sleeve detail Perhaps the best chill out album for the Fall of 2000, Kreidler have produced here a lovely self-titled musical edition of what sounds to me like a big after-dinner Disco mint for post whatever you might have been doing earlier. Calm and uncomplicated, Kreidler runs through eleven tracks of pleasant but not in the least bit boring Electro-Pop which is a welcom gentle relaxer with the heroics being placed all in its simplicity.

Highlights include “Mnemorex” with the vocals of Momus in a not quite sing-a-long song; nonetheless it quickly found its way into my mind as something a little familiar and quite sweet. Then just about as far away from that as one could get, Leo Garcia sings on “Estatico” with a distorted and minimal South American sound which will appeal to the

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Daniel Miller’s Mini-Meltdown Festival

Irregular #5 The South Bank Centre, London 8th-10th April 1999

The last five to ten years have seen an exponential rise in the number of intriguing events at London’s premier Arts Council-funded cultural centre on the South Bank of the River Thames, thanks to an innovative booking policy and the success of the events themselves, expanding the venue beyond its associations with Radio 3 “serious” music concerts and other more traditionally high-culture performances into the staging of events such as the London Musician’s Collective’s Annual Festival of Experimental Music and the recent Atari Teenage Riot gig which resulting in the closure of the venue due to crowd over-enthusiasm. Following on from the Meltdown series of festivals held each year, with past guest directors including Laurie Anderson and John Peel (this year’s is Nick Cave), Daniel Miller, founder and head of Mute Records, was invited to draw up his wish-list for

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Kreidler – Coldness

Label: KiffSM/PIAS Format: 12″, CDS

Kreidler - Coldness Taking the only track from Kreidler‘s Appearance And The Park album to feature vocals, Mute‘s Daniel Miller adopts his Sunroof persona in collaboration with Gareth Jones to reconfigure the track in decidedly Eighties style – all arpeggiating FM keyboards and synth stylings – to initially amusing, then relaxingly suave effect, revisted on the slightly extended instrumental version which substitues analougue squiggles for the vocal line. Shantel provide a more propulsive Nineties take on the track, even overdubbing extra vocals from Liane Sommers to a slippery breakbeat and bass undertow, with Electro handclaps and a cowbell interlude to boot before heading off into funk-dub territory.

Kreidler slip in a couple of versions themselves, the laid-back “Velocity Mix” vignette from April + Clyne (Thomas Klein and Andreas Reihse) and a rinsed-out instrumental “In Cold

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