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The Legendary Pink Dots – Asylum


Legendary Pink Dots - AsylumMore pleasures from the Legendary Pink Dots archives, re-packaged for your delectation in a lush gatefold slipcase, the original Stephan Barbery artwork given a soft silky sheen. Originally released back in ’85, Asylum was a double opus that almost never was, beset with bizarre dislocations, disappointments and judging by the liner notes threatened the band’s very existence. Luckily things worked out for the best, and out popped a great piece of work that exorcised frustrations and cut the Dots’ cloth for many years to come. It’s a collection that packs quite a depressive punch (as well as weirding you out) — corporal punishment, madness, drug addition, domestic abuse and even a gun-toting sociopath slip through its 78 minutes. But it’s far

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The Legendary Pink Dots – The Gethsemane Option


The Legendary Pink Dots - The Gethsemane OptionIt’s hard to write about The Legendary Pink Dots. It’s hard on one level because they make music which tends to bypass the analytical centres of the brain and go straight for the bits that experience stuff. It’s hard in the same way that describing your dreams is hard, or trying to build a model of St Paul’s Cathedral from soup. But I’ll give it a shot, given that there’s a new album out.

Over thirty-three years and more than forty albums, the Dots have followed a pretty singular vision throughout a multitude of genres, at times as comfortable alongside Front 242 as they are alongside Syd Barrett at others. They’ve been as cosmic as Hawkwind and as

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Various Artists – 70 Years Of Sunshine


70 Years Of SunshineOkay. Let’s get the press over with; as a press release, this is actually pretty sweet:

Given the bleak times we find ourselves in today, Cascone felt that another (he’s referencing the 50 years of Sunshine DBL on Silent) tribute to Herr Hofmann was in order. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first LSD trip, a batch of etheric lysergic soundscapes were contributed to this project by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mother’s Temple, Robert Wheeler of Pere Ubu, Legendary Pink Dots, Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound), Andy Rantzen (Pelican Daughters), various artists from the Silent label and some newer sound artists as well. Consider 70 Years of Sunshine to be a much anticipated software update. One that will hopefully make your auditory operating system run smoother and more

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Legendary Pink Dots – Chemical Playschool 15


LPD - CP15As Legendary Pink Dot chemistry lessons go, this latest instalment to the series burns with a slow slip of reality, the simplest backbone of rhythm caught in the tattered net curtains of Edward Ka-Spel’s mind. Absorbing word weaves hooking you in as the trancelike vibes dribble the vowel fall, reflecting everything back panoramically from inside an idea’s skeletal sheen.

Love “Immaculate Conception”‘s agoraphobic airs: the slippery backing echoing uncertainty as the confidence of the first couple of verses transpires to reveal a world where just looking out of the window presents a scary abyss. The plodding optimism of a synth molested in backward sucks and the gently-folded spectral light of vaporised paranoia, ending in a distance shot tide of soft focused curls and insect vocodings.


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The Legendary Pink Dots – Seconds Late for the Brighton Line

ROIR The Legendary Pink Dots – Seconds Late for the Brighton LineLike many of the best things in life, the Legendary Pink Dots are a mystery. At least, it’s a mystery how come they’re still so criminally obscure, when not only have they been releasing awesome music for a good thirty years now, they also have tunes and a fanbase who tend to verge on the obsessively evangelical side of things. They straddle genres like a post-modernist doing the MC Hammer dance over an ADD sufferer’s iPod, with everything from industrial to pop, from jazz to space rock, from folk to dub being dragged into Edward Ka-Spel and co’s music factory, later to emerge from the crystal chimneys as beautifully majestic music.

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The Legendary Pink Dots (live)

The Slimelight, London 1 November 2003 The Pressure Point, Brighton 2 November 2003

The Legendary Pink Dots return to their founders’ home country after an absence of a good few years is always a welcome event – that they then play two gigs in a mini-micro tour is an added bonus. First surprise is their appearance at uber-Goth Saturday mainstay club The Slimelight; second that they play the next day in the upstairs pub room with bells on which is the Pressure Point in Brighton. As it turns out, the contrast could have hardly been more different.

The Slimlight has been and (mostly) remains the sleaziest, scuzziest and sometimes the most vibrant club in London, for going on two decades now. Dark young things and those old enough not to care any longer if black is the new rock and roll slip in at pub closing time to the back

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An interview with Edward Ka-Spel

Along the Dotted Line…

12th December 1999

The Legendary Pink Dots are a phenomenon, producing a seemingly endless stream of deeply intense records and genuinely spellbinding live shows for nearly twenty years, initially as a London-based group and for more than a decade now from their Nijmegen base in The Netherlands. While former days on mammoth independent label Play It Again Sam in Belgium produced widespread distribution for a series of classic albums, it also had all the negative aspects of association with the near-majors; the linking of sales to popularity and promotion to potential Indie chart success. For a while the band were in small-scale, own-label limbo, before the saving graces of Brainwashed‘s excellent LPD internet site and the support of first Staalplaat in Amsterdam, and then Soleilmoon in Portland, Oregon restored and replenished their status as one of the most strangely neglected of Britain and Europe’s true

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The Legendary Pink Dots/Edward Ka-Spel/Twilight Circus (live)

The Metro, Chicago 11 November 1998

There I was, freezing my proverbials off outside the Metro club here in da windy city. My cigarette was burning ridiculously quickly as the icy north breezes fanned it and made me all annoyed… but say la vie (as the French c’est). I was waiting in line to see a line up which included – in order of appearance – Twilight Circus of Dub (i.e. Legendary Pink Dots’ percussion and bass man), The Edward Ka-Spel Psychedelic Orchestra (i.e. Pink Dots front man and synth driver) and The Legendary Pink Dots (no surprises there then).

The manic chappie Ryan Moore who makes up the TCOD whirled dervishly round the stage like… something or other… Oh, I know! A whirling dervish. He commanded us to “Relax” and played Theremin at us whilst deep bass noises emanated from the sound system. Then, wrapping feather boas round several

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