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Limpe Fuchs ‎- Compilation 1977-2017: Trampelpfadnomainroad

Play Loud!

Limpe Fuchs ‎- TrampelpfadnomainroadAfter last year’s Gestrüpp, this intriguing artist is back with a compilation of teasing flavours. Trampelpfadnomainroad is a collection especially compiled to synchronise with her seventy-fifth birthday and an exhibition of her life’s work at Städtische Galerie Traunstein in September 2017.

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Limpe Fuchs ‎– Gestrüpp

Play Loud!

Limpe Fuchs ‎– GestrüppLasciviously teasing your ear; this is an album full of spontaneity, sparking in the flutter of odd juxtaposition. A scramble footed Partch with a pinch of Bertoia’s love of reverberation, she treads anarchically out on her own, tasting the shapes, sensations.

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Fort Process 2016

welcome to Fort Process 2016Newhaven Fort, East Sussex 3 September 2016

It sounded like bedlam from the car park, quickly replaced by some deranged Frenchman chucking stuff around the parade ground, his shouts and clattering, laptop-captured from the fortifications and spurted back in jabbering cut-ups. Welcome to Fort Process part deux, spun off in blaring megaphone, smashed metal, Dada antics that flew close to injuring the onlookers.

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