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Into The Sky – Before The Storm

Kosmic Noise

Into The Sky - Before The StormKosmic Noise Records‘ first release comes from Into The Sky, a German duo who seem happy to declare themselves to be the inheritors of post-rock while nodding generously in the direction of immediate forbears such as Michael Rother of NEU! (whose logo KNR are wont to pastiche cheerfully when the opportunity arises),

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Various ‎Artists – Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Volume 6


Various ‎Artists - Drone-Mind Mind-Drone Volume 6Now into its sixth volume of lovingly curated drones, the latest collection in this series brings together Nam-Khar, Markian Volkov, For Kings And Queens and Kevin Durr. The four contributors offer up a varied palette of clanks and heaving synthesis

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Monkey Marc – Post Traumatic Dub / Peter King – One Shot Of Vodka


Monkey Marc - Post Traumatic DubThe first two releases in Jahtari‘s new series of diskette-styled 7″ singles bring out two sides of the label’s commitment to the finest of worldwide dub and reggae artists.

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Ekoplekz – Cassettera

Planet Mu

Ekoplekz - CassetteraCollecting together ten orphans and excursions from this year’s Bioprodukt LP, Ekoplekz‘s Cassettera is of course only available physically as a limited-edition cassette (but can be downloaded form the usual places too).

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Godflesh – Post Self

Avalanche (LP, CD, digital) / Hospital Productions (cassette)

FroGodflesh - Post Selfm the opening blasts and drum machine hurl of Post Self, it’s clear that Godflesh are in a very different musical space to 2014’s A World Lit Only by Fire. It’s not that the ire and scorn for seemingly pretty much everything humans do to themselves, each other and their home planet has dissipated — far, far from it

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Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Yek


Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - YekMerging Burnt Friedman‘s distinctive electronic swirl with Mohammed Reza Mortazavi‘s deftly-played tombak rhythms, the Yek EP finds the Berlin-based duo in playful mode as they bounce musical sparks off each other.

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Bass Communion – Sisters Oregon

Substantia Innominata

Bass Communion - Sisters OregonDeeply droney and rumbling, the mysterious tones of Sisters Oregon finds its source material at least in part drawn from recordings by Steven Wilson (of No-Man, Porcupine Tree and more) of a boy’s choir, though this is rarely made obvious. Other sound origins are even less identifiable, so perhaps its best to simply leave it as the latest exercise in Bass Communion‘s explorations of the wonderful world of elevated audio atmosphere.

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Theme – Sacral Blood Warning

Fourth Dimension / Idioblast

Theme - Sacral Blood WarningAt times uncompromisingly brutal, Theme‘s Sacral Blood Warning barely lets up the pressure from the opening moments to its close what sometimes seems like a small aeon later. Along the way, they pummel and pound, rant and reverberate, shaking their groove as much as the walls.

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Killflavour – Forest Mirror


Killflavour - Forest MirrorThe wasted-sounding wastrels of Killflavour offer up the latest in a series of records that are aimed so far out that there’s a distinct possibility that they are heading for a fall off the edge of the known musical world.

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Echoes Of Yul – The Healing Sessions


Echoes Of Yul - The Healing SessionsConsisting of otherwise unplaced material from Echoes Of Yul‘s The Healing album and originally released as limited run of cassettes, The Healing Sessions now appears on CD.

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Reason Stendec – Impulsion EP


Reason Stendec - Impulsion EPJono Podmore (AKA Kumo, of Cyclopean and Metamono) provides the music backing up Reason Stendec‘s sonorous multilingual vocals on the Impulsion EP. Intriguingly,Stendec” was mysterious final Morse code transmission from a flight that crashed en route to Santiago in Chile in 1947

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Gravetemple – Impassable Fears


At tGravetemple - Impassable Fearshe intersection of Stephen O’Malley‘s mammoth-sized drones, Oren Ambarchi‘s avant electronica and Attila Csihar‘s throaty imprecations lies Gravetemple; a ponderous yet often surprising three-headed beast that wallows and grinds its way from the depths further downward, if that were possible, into the cthonic shallows that lie beyond human understanding or desire.

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Temple ov BBV – Temple ov BBV


Temple ov BBVSometimes, a little gentle trepanation is what’s needed to broaden the psychic horizons; at others, it’s less optimal than a plain old hole in the head. Temple ov BBV is seemingly all about the downsides; it’s not a happy album by any means, but it might cheer those prone to schadenfreude up

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Burnt Friedman – Dead Saints Chronicles EP


Burnt Friedman - Dead Saints Chronicles EPWith a title that refers to a book about near-death experiences, suitably enough, Burnt Friedman‘s first release for Marionette draws upon his archive of recordings to construct a new EP of circling, abstract rhythms topped off with ghostly musical remnants.

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Strom Noir – Maľované Kvety & Xeroxové Motýle


Strom Noir - Maľované Kvety & Xeroxové MotýleEmil Mat’ko‘s tenth year of recording as Strom Noir is marked by the collection from Zoharum, bringing to light old and new material alike.

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