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Nowa Ziemia 2 – Adrjanczyk | Banasik | Krychowiak


Nowa Ziemia 2 - Adrjanczyk | Banasik | KrychowiakNowa Ziemia 2 is the name used for the collaborative music-making of Artur Krychowiak for this album of two duets, one played with Michał Banasik (Tranquilizer), the other alongside Dawid Adrjanczyk of Akpatok. Using guitars as the main instruments, here the trio create two distinct and highly immersive tracks.

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Expo 70 – Live In The Pit On KFJC 89.7 FM


Expo 70 - Live in the Pit KFJC 89​.​7 FMContinuing their series of re-released (and new) Expo 70 albums, Zoharum present a double CD set gathering together two radio sessions recorded in 2008 and 2010 on KFJC 89.7 radio in Los Altos Hills, California.

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Lawrence English – Cruel Optimism


Lawrence English - Cruel OptimismDescribed by Lawrence English as a record of “protest against the immediate threat of abhorrent possible futures”, Cruel Optimism finds him focussing on power relations in the new era of extreme fragmentation which draws ever-nearer.

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Swantje Lichtenstein and Jono Podmore – Miss Slipper ​/ ​Lewes


Swantje Lichtenstein And Jono Podmore - Miss Slipper ​+ LewesSwantje Lichtenstein‘s streams of (found) consciousness are half-audible, semi-comprehensible on “Miss Slipper” and “Lewes”, rendered as if perceived in a dreamstate interior monologue bouncing between dormant ears before awakening with a start.

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Sherwood And Pinch – Man vs Sofa

On-U Sound / Tectonic

Sherwood And Pinch - Man vs SofaOne of the delights of Pinch and Sherwood‘s 2015 début LP together, Late Night Endless, was the way in which the pair remixed, re-purposed and relocated choice elements from On-U Sound‘s extensive back catalogue into a freshly updated variation on a reggae-heavy dubstep theme.

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Grails – Chalice Hymnal

Temporary Residence

Grails - Chalice HymnalCoalescing at the smoothed-out jazz hinterlands of dub, post-rock and psychedelic spaciousness, Grails‘ latest opus – the first for six years – finds their instrumental horizons expanded as far as their minds had ever been hitherto, drifting far out

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Driftmachine – Radiations

Umor Rex

Driftmachine - RadiationsBringing together odds and ends, remixes and new studio work, Radiations takes it title from a track originally included on 2016’s Colliding Contours. While at first it might seem odd to repeat the track on a new record, the appearance of Shackleton‘s remix of the track on Side A means that it all makes sense.

In its original form, “Radiations” itself is a slow motion slab of reverberant modular dub, rippling and brimming with menace and electronic shimmer, almost febrile in intent and a piece that showcases Driftmachine‘s technique well. Here, the machines set their bright stars on course through a parade of trills, throbs and dubwise basslines, and it’s as good a track as any to use as an exemplar of Andreas

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Aidan Baker and Tomas Järmyr – Werl

Consouling Sounds

Aidan Baker and Tomas Järmyr - WerlWerl documents a supercharged powerhouse in action, one that came from the meeting of the guitars and FX of Aidan Baker (of Nadja and also Hypnodrone Ensemble, Caudal, etc) with the heavyweight percussion of Tomas Järmyr (from Zu, Barchan and Yodok in various forms). The album stretches to over an hour and half of music across eight tracks on two CDs, allowing the duo plenty of space in which to improvise among and around the frontiers of the known instrumental universe.

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Expo Seventy – America Here And Now Sessions

Essence Music

Expo Seventy - America Here & Now SessionsRecorded as part of a travelling art exposition of the same name, the sessions released as America Here And Now finds Expo Seventy in a rare four-piece configuration, mainstay Justin Wright joined for the sessions recorded in Kansas City by Aaron Osborne of Monta At Odds and Mysterious Clouds on bass alongside drummers Mike Vera (Shroud Of Winter) and David Williams.

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Various ‎Artists – Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone Volume 5


Various - Drone-Mind / Mind-Drone Volume 5The fifth volume in Drone Records‘ signature series of Drone-Mind // Mind-Drone compilation LPs continues the label’s commitment to releasing the best in long-form sonority and — of course — drones from around the world.

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Monno – Cheval Ouvert

Le Petit Mignon / Staalplaat

Monno - Cheval OuvertMonno‘s 2013 album Cheval Ouvert has been spruced up for this art edition by Le Petit Mignon, pressed on two glorious discs of purple/white and gold/white vinyl. Encased in a fold-out sleeve that is a work of obvious dedication and considerable aesthetic delight, the four tracks inside offer a perhaps less obvious but no less satisfying a route to gratification as its packaging.

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Gaap Kvlt – Jinn


Gaap Kvlt - JiinDeep like the desert where the unchecked winds create and carry the drones, Gaap Kvlt‘s Jinn — which follows on from 2014’s Void — draws on field recordings from north Africa to evoke the baking days and cold nights of the Sahara.

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Debmaster, DJ Die Soon, oki-chu – Sammo Hung Quest II: Cursed Demons Season

Le Petit Mignon / Staalplaat

Debmaster, DJ Die Soon, oki-chu - Sammo Hung Quest IILike the ages-spanning computer game tropes that oki-chu‘s eye-popping artwork celebrates and its music soundtracks, the dayglo psychedelic sounds of Sammo Hung Quest II: Cursed Demons Season are splattered across the soundscape, mirroring the pixelated sprites from the LP labels that find themselves reflected in the half-face visor of the skull-necklaced cyborg gamer that adorns the LP’s unfolding outer sleeve.

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Kemper Norton – Toll

Front And Follow

Kemper Norton - TollRolling in on thecacophonous curls of “Yadnik”, battering the shore like the after-FX trails of the still-crashing soundwaves of Flying Saucer Attack‘s Rural Psychedelia, Kemper Norton‘s third full-length album slips in from the sea like a summer storm heavy with stories to be told.

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Shit And Shine – Teardrops

Riot Season

Shit And Shine - TeardropsSo that time that the Butthole Surfers made a grindcore album — well, something closer to a “pure” grindcore album, anyway — that really happened, right? When Shit And Shine went back through a lysergic wormhole to an alternate 1989, cribbed the murky production (lack of) values and gibbering vocals, then shunted everything through as many effects as possible? That’s what this is, isn’t it? Because Teardrops sort of sounds like that. Only maybe a bit more fried.

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