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Low / Kat Hawkins / Erik (live at St George’s Hall)

Low live December 2016

Bristol 7 December 2016

St George’s Hall in Bristol is one of the city’s finest venues, a church set in a lofty position halfway up Park Street, this evening looking splendid in backlit winter gloom. Inside, the stage was lit in red, mysterious yet comforting. I half expected to see Laura Palmer come out to meet us.

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Low – The Invisible Way

Sub Pop

Low - The Invisible Way“Feeds my passion for transcendence/Turns my water into wine,”‘ sings Mimi Parker on “Holy Ghost,” the fourth track on The Invisible Way, and if I had to sum up my own reaction to this album, I could not have put it better.

Low are a band that have been making music together in various configurations since 1993, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker being the cohesive force behind the changing line-up. Veterans of live performance, they have supported both Radiohead and Swans, among many others. In this time they have released a veritable slew of recordings, all of which being characterised by their uncompromisingly low-key sound with strong emphasis on the vocal. It is unsurprising, bearing in mind that the founding

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Low – C’mon

Sub Pop

Low - C'monThere’s always a tension going on between artists and their audiences growing up. Back when we first encountered Low they were playing deliberately quietly, persistently black and white. As if something of a damp night in Manchester at the end of the 70s had been caught and refracted in a puddle in Minnesota. In a few years we all stopped being so bloody miserable; us, them, everyone. Although God knows there was plenty to be miserable about.

Some people went off and had kids. We thought that was the last we’d see of them, but no, they carried on doing the things they tended to do. A bit more colour came into the world. Although when we look back there had always been flashes of it like tawdry costume jewellery lost and forgotten in the coal cellar.


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Various- A Tribute to Spacemen 3

Label: Rocketgirl Format: CD,2LP

Various- A Tribute to Spacemen 3Now that Spacemen 3 have joined the pantheon of those influential enough to have had a wide impact on a broad variety of other bands sufficient to inspire their collection into an album’s worth of covers, perhaps there’ll be a flood of homages to late Eighties groups to follow those of the Seventies. Despite the inherent tendency towards pot-luck assortments in such endeavours, at least given the variety of artists worthwhile in their own right who usually get involved, there are bound to be some gems (provided the band being covered were of interest in the first place….). Therefore A Tribute to Spacemen 3 should have some fine tracks, and fortunately this turns out to be the case.

Following the

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