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Lush – Blind Spot


Lush - Blind SpotThe sky is bright blue, adrift with white motherships of the imagination – an inbound vision on which the shimmering haze of this recent four-tracker from Lush glides. Blind Spot marks a welcome return to the fray after the tragic death of their drummer halted their desire to continue far too many years ago.

Listening to this handsomely designed EP (something Chris Bigg of 4AD fame has done an excellent job of encapsulating) — honestly, it’s as if they never went away

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Lush – Chorus

Lush - Chorus4AD

More loveliness from the vaults of 4AD, and the label have pulled out all the stops on this one. A five-disc Lush retrospective housed in a glossy hardback book, surely destined to become an instant collector’s item.

Not only are the historical releases Gala, Spooky, Split and Lovelife captured, there’s tons of session tracks, demos and previously unreleased miscellany appended to each disc too – in all a gigantic 105 tracks with the visual history from each release beautifully documented as only 4AD can. It looks as amazing as it still sounds!


Lush - GalaSweet harmonics peering through a hazy jangle of

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