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Lustmord – Dark Matter


Lustmord - Dark MatterLustmord has long had an affinity with space, both the sonic space of his heavily dub-inspired soundscapes and the actual physical space of the cosmos. For people of Lustmord’s and my generation, space was our future — where we all expected to be hanging out by the start of this century.

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Lustmord – Songs of Gods & Demons


Following his return to live performance over the past year, Brian Lustmord’s increased activity shows no sign of slowing down. He has clearly been spending some time in the dusty vaults below Castle Lustmord rummaging for lost treasures and well-matured morsels to toss to his hungry followers. Last year’s Heretic was a fascinating alternative version of his classic 1990 album Heresy and now further exhumations bring us Songs of Gods and Demons.

On the face of it, the album is a rag bag collection of bits and pieces – mostly commissioned “day-job” music from Lustmord’s alter ego Brian Williams, featuring work for various films, TV shows and video games. What promises to be an interesting stopgap release however, turns out to far more, thanks to Lustmord having reworked all the material into a cohesive album that belies its disparate sources. Presumably

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Lustmord – [TRANSMUTED]


Lustmord - [Transmuted] coverFor most of the twenty-eight years since Lustmord’s debut, the lot of a devotee has involved much twiddling of thumbs between infrequent releases and little chance of catching the man live – the portentous date of 06/06/06 seeing his first (and to date only) live appearance since the early eighties.

Happily, in contrast to most creative trajectories, the old contrarian seems to have grown more prolific during his third decade in the business, releasing new material during most years of the noughties. Startlingly, the past eighteen months have brought a further acceleration of output, with the [OTHER] album and its associated releases [THE DARK PLACES OF THE EARTH], [BEYOND] and [OTHER DUB] appearing in fast succession as well as a series of remixes for prog-metal giants Tool and the indispensable D is for Dubby

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