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Matmos / Adam Rosenblatt / UnicaZürn (live at The Lantern)

Bristol 9 June 2016

Matmos live at The LanternMatmos‘ new record Ultimate Care II is centred round a washing machine, and lo and behold that’s what is centre stage tonight at The Lantern, two microphones pointing at its innards. The rest of the stage is overrun with the band’s tech, squeezing the support UnicaZürn into the far reaches.

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Matmos – California Rhinoplasty EP

Label: Matador Format: CDS,12″

California Rhinoplasty EP - sleeve Taking as its sample base the sounds of plastic surgery operations, “California Rhinoplasty” does precisely what the title describes; only funkily. Not for Matmos the obvious route of ambinece as the bones rasp and the noses are broken with a hammer. Instead, every sound becomes grist(le) to their sampler’s mill to make a groovy shuffle of sprightly plops, squeaks and chugging bass. Part of the fun comes from trying to discern the drills in the fizz of a high tone or the smack of suction in the rhythm; the most obvious sound is that of the bleeping heart monitors. Just for laughs, MC Schmidt plays a mean nose flute to accompanying the nasal reconstruction; jaunty whictlings lead into the jolly noise that cauteized muscle makes. Never mind the sample-spotting though; what counts is the

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Matmos – A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure

Label: Matador Format: CD,LP

A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure - sleeve In their latest album Matmos use the bone crunching noises of plastic surgery for their samples. So if you’ve had a nose job be warned, Matmos might have transformed the noise of your nose being broken into a snare. Well, here it is … A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure is a collage of sound recorded in clinics and operating theatres. There are copious medical dramas and documentaries to lift samples from. But that’s too easy. Matmos actually went into the hospitals to get their sounds, after gaining the trust of the surgeons and patients.

You might also think that an album with kick drums sampled from breaking bones would be dark at least, hardcore Gabba in all probability. You couldn’t be more wrong. That’s

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Matmos / Motion – Split

Label: FatCat Format: 12″

Matmos Motion - Split Series #11Matmos‘ side of this disc has two tracks, the first of which, “Freak ‘N’ You”, uses digital cut-ups to make snickering Funk from the garbage of sundry abandoned R&B acapella vocal CDs left lying in bins at Drew Daniel‘s college radio station; and very odd indeed it is too. Deracinated Soulful singers make a skipping, skimming presences in a piece which gets up early to make its own contribution to the annals of off-kilter undanceable Dance music. Their second piece, “Rigged Seance”, finds Mr. Daniel and M.C. Schmidt making realtime connections between prepared banjo and a CDR of David Pajo‘s guitar work, Strauss sample interjections and some field recordings from around Mount Everest. The effect makes a disjointed run

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Matmos – Quasi-Objects

Label: Matador Format: CD

Quasi-Objects - sleeveI respect any album that contains references to Harry Harlow‘s somewhat cruel tests on Rhesus monkeys. The album is Quasi-Objects by Matmos, and the track is of course “Cloth Mother/Wire Mother”. You may not be surprised to find that the baby Rhesus monkeys preferred the cloth mother to the wire mother. What is more surprising is the fact that someone felt the need to put it to the test.

Drew Daniel and M. C. Schmidt from San Francisco, prove that all the ingredients required for House music can be found in the kitchen. Quasi-Objects, as the name suggests, is made up of everyday objects and a few more exotic ones thrown in for good measure. “Latex” is made up of samples obtained from a stretched rubber tee-shirt, as you do. “Cloth Mother/Wire Mother” involves no monkeys, I

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