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Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels / Treasure


Head Over Heels

Cocteau Twins - Head Over HeelsAbsolutely loving the saturated colours of this re-pressed artwork, definitely more reactive than the icy grey of my ’83 original. The spray-painted water waltzing the eye in hiccupping fissure and blurring nitrate. A suggestion of fossilised form and rupturing collapse

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Delphine Dora – Eudaimon


Delphine Dora - EudaimonThis is a sparse beauty. Eudaimon explores the magic and mysticism of Kathleen Raine‘s poetry in multi-tracked voice and unadorned piano. Delphine Dora‘s borrowed words melt in a melancholic sweetness, floating out on a mandolin of needled ivory.

The Nico comparisons are hard to avoid, but

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Drums Off Chaos – Centre / Compass


Drums Off Chaos - Compass EP

When it comes to drumming, the late Jaki Liebezeit is up there with the likes of Stomu Yamashta and Charles Hayward. So when I heard his cult-like percussive collective Drums Off Chaos was finally releasing two sweet EPs’ worth of tracks upon the world, I was more than stoked.

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Anna von Hausswolff – Dead Magic

City Slang

Anna von Hausswolff - Dead MagicThat organ vibe is immense, reverbs the Copenhagen church it was recorded in a solemn flood, crested by a bewitchment of voice. A vocal that brings to mind His Name Is Alive‘s Karin Oliver, then shifts in with Kendra Smith inflexions, gymnastically leaping to elsewhere, soaring on singed syllable.

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The Breeders – All Nerve


The Breeders - All NerveI’m feeling wooozy; Kim and Kelly Deal‘s deadpan is killing me again, that no-nonsense nudge hyena(ing) my inner diva. When it comes to The Breeders, it’s almost impossible not to mention their previous track record.

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Stereocilia / Grasslands (live at The Tuppenny)

Swindon 22 February 2018

Stereocilia live February 2018The good people at the latest of Swindon’s venues, The Tuppenny, have been brave enough to unleash the might of two of the town’s finest sons on an unsuspecting public. First up is the extremely affable Tom, who when donning his magic wolf’s hat becomes sonic terrorist Grasslands, defender of the faith of the open veldt and ex-employee of the month at Safeway in Aberystwyth.

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Slomo – Super-Individual: Collective Ritual


Slomo - Super-Individual: Collective Ritual On headphones this Transits remix album rules, even better blaring through the speakers. Really needles the betweens, plucks aspects from its tidal original, spectrum-snakes its brooding intent, kicks out a dance of contemplative delectables. Over two and a half hours of music derived from the same twenty-three minute source material

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Star Turbine / Calcine Trio / Brutar Weimaz / Carter (live at The Old England)

Bristol 12 February 2018

Star Turbine live February 2018Divorcing us from context, Carter was like a travelling salesman peddling dismembered arithmetics, a volatile dance of irregularity from the inside of a wooden suitcase. That awkward caress of pipping bubble wrap and shuffling sandpaper was an intriguing proposition, a parade of mutated modulars bathed in palpitating reverses, guillotined gallop.

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Aphelion Editions

EMEI - EMEIStraight out of Bristol’s thriving underground comes this forty-minute slice of unnerving ambience from EMEI, AKA Louise Brady. Vexing her inner witch, this fine example of tonal paganism more than matches the haunting abstractions that package it all up.

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Charles Hayward and Thurston Moore – Improvisations

Care In The Community

Charles Hayward and Thurston Moore - ImprovisationsThe conversation on Improvisations is first rate, smarting with witty crosswires and argumentative animals. Charles Hayward‘s percussive verve is more than a match for Thurston Moore‘s mauling muscle, both parties templeing temptation fluidly, seeding your mind in animated gusto.

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UUUU / Errant Monks / Microdeform (live at The Exchange)

Bristol 23 January 2018

UUUU live January 2018Loved Microdeform‘s haunted weathers. A lovely bubbling piano lighting the shadowy architectures, a trembling edifice beaming in the cross-pollination of plunging crevices and sonic apparition. Morphic memories lingering in them stretching keylines

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The Green Child – The Green Child

Upset The Rhythm

The Green Child - The Green ChildThe fruits of a musical collaboration between Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, The Green Child début LP is a delightfully melodic beast with rounded percussives that shaves off the acuteness of life’s right-angles.

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Momus – Create I: Procreate

Cherry Red

Momus - Create I : ProcreateAfter the major retrospective of last year, Cherry Red have decided to treat us to reissue frenzy from Momus‘s back catalogue. Divided into two deluxe three CD packages aptly entitled Procreate, the first of which gives you a lusty and languid taste of the 1980s via a trio of albums Nick Currie did for Alan McGee‘s Creation label.

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Yuri Morozov – Strange Angels

Buried Treasure

Yuri Morozov - Strange Angels

Kept underground by the Soviets for too many years, Yuri Morozov‘s legacy is finally spreading its wings and flying into your ears. His Inexplicable and Human Extinction albums house some of the most unhinged electronic experiences I’ve tasted for a long while, and this teasing compilation from Buried Treasure scoops a lot of the same, whilst getting fruity with the progressive tinkles.

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Uruk / Kuro (live at The Exchange)

Bristol 10 December 2017

Kuro live December 2017I wake to blizzard conditions, and a transport system buckling under a four-inch surprise of snow and ice. The UK has the worst coping strategies when it comes to sudden changes in weather, it really does; so I decide against my usual journey down the M4 for a cramped train journey

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