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Prescott – Thing Or Two


Prescott - Thing Or TwoIf this was a knitting pattern it would be full of lopsided colour, tangled dimensions and probably more armholes than really necessary.

This second helping from Prescott has been well worth the wait. The musicianship is blinding, each track built up on little stabbing motifs playing footsie with Commodore computer tape loadings

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Damo Suzuki / The Cube Orchestra/ Agathe Max (live at The Exchange)

Bristol 12 May 2017

Damo Suzuki live May 2017French violinist Agathe Max warmed things up with a stunning set of looped riches, her bow floating with the gymnastic gait of a trapeze artist as she filled the canvas with different textures and tonal depths.

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Flowers Must Die / Saddar Bazaar / Stereocilia (live at The Cube)

Bristol 28 April 2017

Flowers Must Die live April 2017Stereocilia‘s haunted ambience has been hooking me in for some time now, the cinematic scope of his recent LP was blinding, but tonight’s show just blew me clean away.

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Arto Lindsay – Cuidado Madame

Ponderosa (Europe) / Northern Spy (USA)

Arto Lindsay - Cuidado MadameA culmination of a thirteen-year itch to get back to business, Cuidado Madame cuts into some of the sweetness of previous outings to revel in skittish twists of modernity.

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Floating di Morel – ulf / fdm

Play Loud!

Floating di Morel - ULFFormed in 1994 by ex PLO and Young Scamps members Kai Drewitz and Sabine Blödorn, Floating Di Morel have been mixing it up on the Berlin underground circuit for some time now. This, their latest album is my very first taste and I’ve got to say I’m really partial to what they have to offer.

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Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers – Live At Marie-Antoinette

Play Loud!

Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers - Live At Marie-AntoinetteThis is my kind of record, each track dedicated to its own side, a satisfying slab of uninterrupted evolution to burrow into, to savour. A completely live recording (and film) that shimmers plenty, full of the essential Velcro that pulls you straight into that open-ended fray

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Wolf Eyes – Undertow

Lower Floors Music

Wolf Eyes - UndertowThis newbie from Wolf Eyes is taking the dark broodiness that defined 2006’s Human Animal to new claustrophobic highs. Gone are the headache-inducing colours of the past in favour of something more nefarious.

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Dead Can Dance – The Serpent’s Egg / Aion / Spiritchaser


The Serpent’s Egg (1988)

Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's EggThe Serpent’s Egg was a solemn secular experience for the most part, seeking sanctuary in the monastically sparse, a warm cathedral backing to some prized vocal action, Lisa Gerrard‘s phonic phoenix of a voice glinting Byzantine.

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Parlor Walls – Opposites

Northern Spy

Parlor Walls - OppositesThe first track literally hammers through with blinding insistence, a powder keg of percussive energy and squally sax. This staggered vocal from Alyse Lamb magnetically drawn over it, pulling you deeper into the fray

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Taylor Deupree – Somi


Taylor Deupree - SomiIn pursuit of an “acoustic” truth, Taylor Deupree has ditched his usual hi-tech shenanigans for a more hands-on, cut’n’splice approach, a back to basics attitude that has created a rewarding series of skeletals. A pearlescent cascade, the accompanying photographic book attempts to pin down and complement the stripped-backed intimacy on offer here.

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His Name Is Alive – Patterns Of Light

Silver Mountain Media Group / London London

His Name Is Alive - Patterns Of LightHot on the heels of Tecuciztecatl‘s rock operatics comes this new offering from Michigan’s finest, His Name is Alive. Another guitar-fuelled fandango, this time burning up on all that particle physics hysteria of a few years back when we all thought we’d be sucked into a dark matter vortex as science glimpses the momentarily flash of the God Particle.

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Now – Pleasesorrythankyou


Now - PleasesorrythankyouRight from the electro-slapped rub of the opener to the insistent burn of guitar that seals the deal, this baby kicks winter grumpiness out into the far reaches like its predecessor Innard Listeningestion did. Its glinty beams and squelchy piranhas are the perfect panacea to the prevailing gloom, smoothed in plenty of harmonic warmth.

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UnicaZürn / Charles Bullen (live at Café OTO)

London 25 January 2017

UnicaZürn live January 2017Charles Bullen of This Heat fame was up first, ricocheting a rich stream of bubbling metallics from a specially adapted lap-steel contraption. A set of gamboling percussives and deep Balinese-like bounces drawn through a shanty town of effects. All very fragmented, his sparse trajectories sped off in doubling harmonics with the odd bit of accidental mobile phone surreally spluttering through.

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Aidan Baker and Claire Brentnall – Delirious Things

Gizeh (CD) / Pleasance (Vinyl)

Aidan Baker and Claire Brentnall - Delirious ThingsThe title track pins you early on in fuzzy cushions and muted percussion, this elastic line of rhythm stitching the goods as vaporous panthers prowl the collaterals. Claire Brentnall‘s vocals make a brilliant foil to Aidan Baker‘s shoegazery sensibilities and pedal prowess.

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Piano Magic – Closure

Second Language

Piano Magic - ClosureAfter twenty years of exploration, Glen Johnson (one of the tirade that first initiated the project and its lasting member) is closing the lid on and drawing a line under everything Piano Magic, and as the glissotronic swirls clear on the opening track, he’s straight in there voicing his opinion on the matter to lush orchestrated folds.

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