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Aphelion Editions

EP/64 - XI-IX-MMXVIEP/64 is the band, a threesome of drums, electronics and vocal abstracts from Nick Janaway, Dan Johnson and Dali De Saint Paul. This tasty artefact documents some mighty fine live action, the date of which is betrayed by the Roman numerals of the title.

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Various – Lessons

Front & Follow

Various - LessonsTen years after its inception, Front and Follow‘s roster has grown up to be a very interesting beast indeed. Straggling left-field electronicia, folk and avant-pop, fostering strong recurring returns from Kemper Norton, The Doomed Bird of Providence and Sone Institute whilst always pushing further afield

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Editions Mego

UUUU - UUUUAn exquisite corpse figuring the familiar Edvard Graham Lewis and Thighpaulsandra, UUUU make for a interesting fusion. Matthew Simms, guitarist and singer for the lo-fi curiosity It Hugs Back and drummer Valentina Magaletti, who once played with Bat For Lashes, but is best known for her dapplings with prepared percussion in Tomaga are the unknowns here

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Jon Hassell – Dream Theory In Malaya: Fourth World Volume Two


Jon Hassell - Dream Theory in MalayaYears ahead of its 1981 timestamp, Jon Hassell‘s Dream Theory in Malaya was inspired by Kilton Stewart essay about the Dream Tribe of Malaya (now Malaysia) called the Senoi – a people whose equilibrium was based on dreamtime.

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Coil – Time Machines


Time MachinesIntended as a psychedelic thoroughfare that cures you of time, if only for its duration, this was one of Coil‘s many crowning glories for me. Along with the Spring Equinox EP “Moon’s Milk”, it opened the floodgates towards a richness that is still sorely missed, even all these years later.

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Limpe Fuchs ‎- Compilation 1977-2017: Trampelpfadnomainroad

Play Loud!

Limpe Fuchs ‎- TrampelpfadnomainroadAfter last year’s Gestrüpp, this intriguing artist is back with a compilation of teasing flavours. Trampelpfadnomainroad is a collection especially compiled to synchronise with her seventy-fifth birthday and an exhibition of her life’s work at Städtische Galerie Traunstein in September 2017.

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Mia Zabelka – Cellular Resonance


Mia Zabelka - Cellular ResonanceAfter the excellent atmospherics of Medusa’s Bed, Ms Lunch returns, this time on the other side of the mixing desk for her second excursion with violinist and noise-maker Mia Zabelka. The mistress of the strands, Lydia’s pulling this baby round as producer and joint composer

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Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe ‎- Two Orb Reel

More Than Human

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe ‎- Two Orb ReelRobert Aiki Aubrey Lowe conjures some extraordinary shapes here, a tangle of strange and mystical hieroglyphics that tingle, zone you elsewhere. Nothing lingers too long, everything remains elusive, dissipated on fractured suggestion, the timbre itch of random voltages painting strange immersive mirages inside your skull.

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Kawabata Makoto and Pikacyu / Téléplasmiste (live at The Islington)

London 12 August 2017

Téléplasmiste live August 2017Téléplasmiste appeared through the crowd, all leper bells and bagpipes, before standing behind their modular bookcases like spiritual telephonists bending a self-help guru’s words into slurring stutters

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Irmler / Oesterhelt – Die Gesänge Des Maldoror


Irmler / Oesterhelt - Die Gesänge des Maldoror

Refreshing to have so many fluid points at play, this could have easily drifted in a altogether singular direction – gone all-out sinister rolling those doomic dice – but instead HJ Irmler and Carl Friedrich Oesterhelt tease us with a classical anarchism that isn’t affixed or preconceived.

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Der Plan – Unkapitulierbar

Bureau B

Der Plan - UnkapitulierbarThey may have slipped out of the Neue Deutsche Welle limelight sometime ago, but this surprise newbie from Der Plan hits back with that familiar quirkiness that gave us “Du Bist Es Nicht”, “Gummitwist” and the sublime “Space Bob”.

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Psychic TV – Allegory And Self / Pagan Day

Dais / Sacred Bones

Allegory And Self

Psychic TV - Allegory And SelfAhhh, “Godstar” was a surprise back in the day, a light and airy departure from the Crowley curves and noisy exorcisms that had nailed the first two Psychic TV albums. Further Throbbing Gristle fan head-scratching ensued, more so when it hauled the operation completely overground

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Bristol Psych Fest IV

Trinity Community Arts, Bristol 8 July 2017

The Evil Usses live at Bristol Psych Fest IVOn a roasting Saturday, a beautiful day in July, the wonderful Trinity Arts community centre hosted the juggernaut that was the fourth Bristol Psych Fest. Squeezing two dozen bands into one day on two stages was quite a feat to attempt, but seemed to go incredibly smoothly.

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Ocean Floor – Four Shadows

Aphelion Editions

Ocean Floor - Four ShadowsStraight from the cultural antenna of Aphelion Editions comes this intimate sonic experience, tonally chased in whirlpooling vibrato.

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Larkin Grimm – Chasing An Illusion

Northern Spy

Larkin Grimm - Chasing An IllusionSeeing Larkin Grimm at the (now demolished) Seymour’s Family Club in Bristol back in 2006(?) was a real pleasure, that incredible voice of hers just held its own, her musicianship spurring and stirring her wordy glow-forms.

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