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Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Nuclear Blast

Ministry - AmeriKKKantWhen Donald Trump was inexplicably elected to be the forty-fifth president of the United States of America, social media was abuzz with people making trite comments about “ah well, at least we’ll get some great art out of it”, as if that was really what we should be worrying about. That said, though

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Ministry – Rantology

Label: Mayan Format: CD

Rantology - sleeveSo Bush got in again. Fuck. Well, look on the bright side, at least it means Al Jourgensen still has something to be angry about. Small comfort I know, but you take this shit where you can find it, I guess. I mean, a better world would obviously be great to live in, but I’m not sure my mind could cope with the ontological dissonance that would come with listening to a nice, chilled-out, feel-good Ministry album. Which this clearly (and thankfully) isn’t.

Although this is a “best of”, kind of, one new track “The Great Satan”, as the title implies, leads me to expect great things of the new material Mr J is apparently working on. “We don’t need your fucking war, so get your asses OUT!!!” he yells, over the by-now de rigeur Big Black Playing

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Ministry – Dark Side Of The Spoon

Label: WEA Format: CD

Ministry - Dark Side Of The SpoonFirst off-yeah, I was suprised as fuck, too. Ministry. New album. Live dates. There’s a whole Snake Plissken thing going down here. (As in, I thought you were dead.) And I am pleased to report, continuing the Plissken metaphor possibly a little too far, that this album is no Escape From LA. I mean, yes, it rocks. As in ROCKS. As in R-A-W-fuckin’-Ks. Like several bastards. Absolute bastards. Nay, a WHOLE FUCKING BAG FULL OF BASTARDS. But you knew that already. The question on the lips of anyone who gives a shit is “BUT IS IT ANY FUCKING GOOD, 90210 YOU BASTARD?”

And yes, it is quite splendiferous. Even though, despite all the evidence, the boy Jourgensen thinks Filth Pig was his

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