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Morning Bride – The North Sea Rising


Morning Bride - The North Sea Rising“Well I heard that you were spoken for/it’s hard to imagine anyone speaking for you,” sings Amity Joy Dunn in the opening of “Rosy Technology,” the latest Morning Bride single, taken from The North Sea Rising. It’s a great line and one that has fuelled my anticipation as I’ve been listening to this track for weeks after I received my copy of the CD.

To call this record eagerly awaited sounds clichéd, yet it was in our house anyway. The line up, changed somewhat since the band’s last release Greetings from Abney Park, make a sound that is tighter and more compressed as a unit. But at just six tracks long, weighing in at a sprightly thirty minutes, it is really only a mini-album. The

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Morning Bride – Lea Valley Delta Blues

Label: Letterbox Format: CD

Lea Valley Delta Blues - sleeveParadoxes. (Yeah, I thought the plural’d be “paradoces” as well, but no). Paradoxes and Hackney. I love Hackney, yet at the same time I fear her something rotten. No, it’s not just the fact that I’ve been mugged here more times than I care to remember (well, even just the first time was technically “more than I care to remember”, but, y’know…), or that there’s always the risk of getting shot. No, what frightens me is that the other day, while out walking in Stoke Newington, I happened to notice that someone had left pasta out for the birds. Pasta. Not breadcrumbs, pasta. How can it be that in just the one borough, stupid amounts of crime can sit alongside people who genuinely believe pesto is a sandwich filling? As I say,

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Morning Bride/Owlls (live)

The Others, LondonMark Pearson and Amity Dunn of Morning Bride (pic: Richard Fontenoy) 12th November 2005

Luc and Kim Owls (pic: Richard Fontenoy)Saturday night and The Others is jam-packed- what was a freezing, damp, stone-walled building scant minutes earlier has become a furnace, as the great and the good of Stoke Newington come together to celebrate the launch of the debut single from local heroes Morning Bride. As well as the paying punters, also helping them celebrate are the magnificent Owls, whose blend of Birthday Party-style chaos and Waits-esque folkiness is never less than impressive, with tonight being no exception. Frontman Luc Owl is clearly in his element here, all absurdist song intros and hellfire preacher stomping providing a scarier counterpoint ot what is to come later.

Which is, of course, Morning Bride. You could, I guess, if you were the sort

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Morning Bride/Imogen/Carmen Rosa (live)

Amity (click for larger image) (pic: Ian Barratt)The Spitz, London 18th July 2005

A balmy, dirty London night finds me climbing the spiral at The Spitz to see Morning Bride solely for this review, or souly for my own pleasure. There is no way that humans can survive long in this heat, or so I imagine. It’s raining outside, a slow tease rain that isn’t going to refresh so much as make sure my fellow audience members smell damp on top of sweaty.

Ah well, The Spitz makes up one hundred fold for their lack of air quality with their super listening quality sound and an engineer who knows which knob does what. Another credit is that I have a little candlelit table, a feature of The Spitz. They don’t have enough of them, and I had to move mine to just the right spot, but

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