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The Wolfhounds – Untied Kingdom… Or How To Come To Terms With Your Culture

Optic Nerve The Wolfhounds - Untied KingdomThere seems to have been a lot of bands returning to action over the last few years, but surely one of the most welcome must be The Wolfhounds.

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Disco Inferno – In Debt

Rocket Girl Disco InfernoOriginally released as a 7″, a 12″ and an LP, these tracks were then compiled as a CD back in 1992 and have since been out of print for a long long time. Is this a 25-year anniversary re-issue? If so, it is one of the most worthwhile that I have seen in an age.

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Venn – Runes

Full Time Hobby

Venn - RunesThe core duo of Venn have been together since 2013, with the current trio format since 2014. They have released a few 12″s and a CD-R which was distributed by hand in random places like HMV, Oxford Street, Soho House toilets and on Jack Kerouac‘s grave.

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Flowers Must Die – Kompost


Flowers Must Die - KompostThis is Swedish six piece Flowers Must Die‘s fourth album and the first to be made available outside Sweden. Rocket Recordings must have welcomed them with open arms after hearing the dramatic, expansive psychedelic masterclass that they have managed to squeeze into the nine tracks and forty three minutes of this LP.

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Jakuzi – Fantezi Müzik

City Slang

Jakuzi - Fantezi MüzikIt has been about twenty years since I last listened to Turkish pop music. A trip to Istanbul for a wedding saw us return with CDs by Sertab Erener and Tarkan, amongst others. The mysterious and impenetrable Turkish language made even the most basic pop sound exotic and mildly exciting. Jakuzi are one of a new wave of underground pop acts singing in Turkish

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Morphine – Journey Of Dreams


Morphine - Journey Of DreamsFor me, Morphine was one of the most important alternative bands to come form the USA in the Nineties. Their sound was unique and it is not often that can be said about a band, particularly a three-piece coming from the thriving post-punk and independent scene of Boston.

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Derby Derby – Love Dance


Derby Derby - Love DanceDerby Derby is a French three-piece consisting of bass, drums and electrified trumpet. For them, the perfection of a monotonous drone is their goal, the sort that takes you away, transcending the ordinary and allowing you to slip into that mantra-like mindset where the slightest variation or the minutest change of detail become enormous.

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Kid Koala featuring Emiliana Torrini – Music To Draw To: Satellite

Arts & Crafts

Kid Koala - Music To Draw To: SatelliteThis is Kid Koala‘s fifth album and I have to say is a serious change of pace to his previous output. Gone are the busy turntable experiments and instead with the aid of glacial vocals from the delightful Emiliana Torrini, we have a song suite of the kind of magnitude we are not fortunate enough to see very often.

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The Man From Uranus & Jellica – Duck Wars

Tip Top

The Man From Uranus & Jellica - Duck WarsWell, this is quite a riot. Renowned experimental library musician The Man From Uranus has teamed up with 8-bit chiptune artist and fan of Gameboy and Commodore 64 sounds, Jellica, to produce an LP using as many duck-sounding synth noises as they can find.

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Masselys – High Fantasy Low Fantasy


Masselys - High Fantasy/Low FantasyMasselys are a Norwegian supergroup of sorts with members coming from Salvatore, 120 Days and whalesharkattacks. This supreme meeting of minds has resulted in the most affecting romp through the last forty years of leftfield western music, its eclecticism only matched by the wealth of ideas.

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Signals & Alibis – Looks Like Rain

Dreamy Life

Signals & Alibis - Looks Like RainOver the course of the five track on this EP, Signals & Alibis, a boy/girl two-piece from Fort Worth, Texas, have constructed their own brooding hinterland using keyboards, guitar and baritone.

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Sweet Nico – R evival

Raging Planet

Sweet Nico - R evivalSweet Nico are an ethereal and dreamlike duo from Portugal who have been together for a couple of years and concoct a sad, intimate and at times delerious style of aching dreampop.

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Brokeback – Illinois River Valley Blues

Thrill Jockey

Brokeback - Illinois River Valley BluesDoug McCombs must be the busiest man in Chicago. Not content with the amorphous beast that is Tortoise, playing bass with Eleventh Dream Day, releasing the Pullman records and undertaking various collaborations, particularly that with David Daniell, he also has what could be considered his own project, Brokeback.

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Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin


Julie's Haircut - Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon TwinJulie’s Haircut has been turning any preconceptions about the idea of Italian music on their heads for the best part of twenty years. I remember catching them with Sonic Boom in Bristol some ten years or so ago, and the record they released together at the time expanded minimal psychedelic guitar repetition in two different directions.

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Ulan Bator – Stereolith

Bureau B

Ulan Bator - StereolithAmaury Cambuzat started Ulan Bator twenty-four years ago and after eleven albums and numerous collaborations with the likes of Faust and Michael Gira, their twelfth LP finds the band stripped down to Amaury, augmented by two Italian players on bass and drums/sax.

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