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Faust (live at Pop Montréal)

Pop Montréal, Ukrainian Federation, Montréal 3 October 2009

The gathering krautrock-keen fans filled both levels of the seated, community-centre vibe auditorium known as the Ukrainian Federation which has hosted the likes of Patti Smith, Joanna Newsom, Loudon Wainwright III, and A Silver Mt. Zion. For Faust’s first ever show in Canada, heralding their entrance, Jean-Hervé Peron started by squawking and squealing on a trombone from the back of the hall before hopping on stage with drummer Zappi Diermaier (a forbidding presence and the original Faust percussionist), James Johnston (synth and guitar wizard and co-founder of Gallon Drunk) and Geraldine Swayne (vocalist, guitarist and multi-talented member). Before long, on a brightly lit stage, the definitive beat was established within the psychedelic jam that would soon be interrupted by lush clouds of French/German ditties, which were then overlapped with industrial meanderings.

The mood was largely light, loose and informal and not as

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ThisQuietArmy/Aun/Nadja (live)



Casa Del Popolo, Montréal 16 September 2009

Another Alien8 extravaganza at Casa Del Popolo in Montréal: guaranteed visceral jiggling with nice folks who make confrontational music.

A panda bear stands behind a flower-strewn hill, arms aloft, beseeching a soldier. Rainbow beams explode from the bear’s mouth through the soldier’s torso. The contradictory poster for this Alien8 happening may have the candy-coloured hue of yesteryear’s psychedelia, but don’t expect a paisley love-in: inside the Casa, the music is heavier than a death in the family.

ThisQuietArmy (Eric Quach) combined my favourite sonic ingredients – loud, rumbling bass, heavy psychedelia and almost uncomfortably high-pitched sounds to wash over you. Architectural visuals matched the motion, adding to dreamy cinematic experience the sound suggests. Just as the drone meditation came to climax

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