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Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay


Neurosis - Honor Found In DecayThere’s something eternal, something relentlessly omnipresent about Neurosis, despite their constant shifts in sound. They’re not so much like a band who play music at you and every couple of years record some of it; they’re more like a BIG FUCK-OFF ASTEROID where the music is ALWAYS playing, and which sometimes passes close enough to Earth that we can hear it for a while. Although it’s fucking loud, so it doesn’t actually come close enough to wipe us out, although at times it sounds like it really wants to. And at other times it sounds like a transmission back from a future after it HAS wiped us out.

Basically, Neurosis are BIG. Big men playing big music on very big

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Neurosis – Sovereign


Do you know where’s an interesting place to listen to this record? A chain coffee shop, in London’s Square Mile, at 8:15 on a Wednesday morning. If anything really throws a spotlight on the primitivism of Neurosis‘s music, it’s watching a steady stream of suits walk past the window, off to do important and responsible things. I suspect none of them are listening to Neurosis as they dodge buses on their Boris Bikes – Neurosis don’t lend themselves to this sort of urban drudgery.

Not that there isn’t an abundance of drudgery on offer here but it’s a much more organic, Fair Trade, drudgery. This is the sound of the ‘renaissance caveman’; conceptually quite thoughtful, but executed with Neolithic brute force. Sovereign was an EP originally released in 2000, smack bang between their Times Of Grace and A Sun That Never

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