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Nineteentwelve – Waiting For No One

Monty Maggot

Over the past year or so Monty Maggot have steadily been releasing high-quality albums including a marvellous [post=allies-and-clansmen text=”free album”] that could be seen as a taster for future releases. Its certainly a label that deserves support for the diversity of artists they are looking to put out. So what is there to expect from the album by Nineteentwelve? A lot of cracking tunes, that’s what!

“Nothing Again” is steady rock opener in very much a 70s vein with very catchy chorus and a slice of Mini Moog-sounding bit of lead that spirals away over solid guitars and Hammond Organ. A good opener, and a taste of what’s to come. Acoustic guitars give a big landscape feel to “Maybe I Lied” that wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack to some American Indie movie. Tuneful fretboard work and crystal

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