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Nocturnal Emissions – Collateral Salvage

Label: Soleilmoon Format: CD

Collateral Salvage - sleeve detailThis is Nigel Ayers‘ twenty-fifth Nocturnal Emissions CD since 1979, and here he chooses to sample, loop and mutilate chunks of Indie guitar music and slam them up against the music of the Third World, old and new. The results are certainly funky, rolling on heavyweight grooves and beats with a deliberate Fourth World flavour, delving deep into the synthesis of Western Pop with Arab, Berber and other traditions, dialectical style, apparently inspired by a night in a Moroccan bathtub with the sounds of multiple nightspots outside swinging erratically to all points of the musical and cultural compass.

In case anyone didn’t get the hint in the title, Ayers is not big on the Wild West-style posturing of Texican presidents either, with track titles like “Burn, Bush, Burn” (has Mr Ayers been to Lewes on Firework

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Nocturnal Emissions – Futurist Antiquarianism

Label: Soleilmoon Format: CD

Futurist Antiquarianism - sleeve quarterStructured around bursts of wheezing Drum & Bass breakbeats, Nigel Ayers‘ latest missive from the borderlands of music broadcasts at a frequency attuned to a zeitgeist-surfing mix of attenuated rhythms, (implied) anti-monarchism and community space travel. All this and an origami sleeve which builds into a peculiar design (instructions enclosed) and Futurist Antiquarianism makes for a rounded album which develops Nocturnal Emissions‘ edgy sound into chilling directions.

Not nearly dance-friendly enough to get the average drumandbasshead going for more than about a quarter of its length, tracks like “Though Aeons Break” mixes sampled brass with metallic-tasting abstraction until the solution dissolves; spacing out the rhythmic moments this way distances Futurist… from genre-categorization quite nicely, allowing a far more organic feel than if the beats had been left to dominate. Instead, the looped breaks are set upon

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Nocturnal Emissions – Omphalos!

Label: Soleilmoon Format: CD

Nocturnal Emissions - OmphalosBuilt on a circling foundation of interlocking sampled sequences which shift the initial loop into self-generated patterns of intrinsically chaotic nature, Omphalos! (the navel) has much to recommend it for its hazy, slowly drifting ebb and flow of sound mixing itself into hypnotic strands. With the stated intention being to disengage from the centred focus of science and linear thought, Nigel Ayers is operating in an area familiar to those off-kilter philosophers Deleuze and Guattari – as well as pagan shamans, Buddhists and the psychoactively engaged.

Loops accrete slowly into spirals of repetition, minutely altered by pitch and tone, interacting with each other to produce what is no doubt intended to resemble the circular ruins of archetypal antiquity.

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