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Now – Pleasesorrythankyou


Now - PleasesorrythankyouRight from the electro-slapped rub of the opener to the insistent burn of guitar that seals the deal, this baby kicks winter grumpiness out into the far reaches like its predecessor Innard Listeningestion did. Its glinty beams and squelchy piranhas are the perfect panacea to the prevailing gloom, smoothed in plenty of harmonic warmth.

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Now (live at The Strongroom)

London 3 October 2015

Anyone who’s seen London stalwarts Now play live will know that they are always different, yet always reliable (as in they will always deliver). They’ve been existing in different formations for over a decade and a half now (Now!), and have collaborated with the likes of Damo Suzuki, who is basically Krautrock royalty, for those of you unfamiliar with his name.

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Now – Innard Listeningestion


Now - Innard ListeningestionThere’s a certain mild krautishness nurturing in those Kinder Egg diode flashes, a light-hearted flush of danceability that’s swimming in the real and the synthetic in equal amounts. Oddly punctured textures and filtered sequins that seem to bubble-burst plenty of satisfied grins, a childlike tinkering perfectly matching the lurid orange vinyl and crayoned graphics of its package.

Innard Listeningestion by Now

“Innards” starts the ball rolling, its super-cute measures amok with squelching Paddington Bear galoshes bouncing off cling film-coated puddles. A curl-e-whirling of vocals, light and airly remainders to a tinselated rhythmic goodness, popsicles dream-feeding soft cushioned contours and jangling xylo-tonics of a catchy number that’ll haunt you with its fancy footwork. “Listening Forward To It” adds an increase in tempo, the beat toothpasted

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Guapo/Now/Hyper Kinako (live at Guinea Pig)

The Buffalo Bar, London 16 March 2003

The Guinea Pig club’s second outing finds the experiment being performed through the strange filter of Hyper Kinako, an Anglo-Japanese power Punk Pop band. As they’ve apparently got classical training to back up their skittish riffs and obscure lyrics, it’s no surprise that the delivery is precise in it’s chaos, a well-drilled cacophony of rattly percussion and reedy keyboards which includes moments of theatrical silliness. Singer Toko is decked out in a pink feather boa, occasionally donning huge googles to sing maniacally fun songs with titles like “Car & Kettle”. Hyper Kinako have a neat ability to leapfrog the 4/4 grind on a track like “Popping Step”, which pounces from sharp-anlged beat to Eighties-infected Art Rock skank with glee, and the introduction of glittery pom-pom waving cheerleaders adds further pantomime humour to their set for the catchy singalong number “Tokyo Invention Registration Office”,

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