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Large Unit – Erta Ale


Large Unit - Erta AleLarge Unit was born when Paal Nilssen-Love was asked by a festival promoter to put together the band of his dreams. Nilssen-Love found the musicians among long-time friends and collaborators or by looking for young musicians with the extreme qualities he needed to present his musical visions. This all-Norwegian band (apart from one Swede) has no lack of skills and all the abilities to improvise in all kinds of directions.

Celebrating his 25th release on his own label, Paal Nilssen-Love gives the fans a box of music maybe trying to sum up some of his inspirations to date by being many years in bands and collaborations with Peter Brötzmann, Frode Gjerstad, Ken Vandermark, The Ex and Lasse Marhaug, to name only

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Jojo Hiroshige/Paal Nilssen-Love/Pika/Lasse Marhaug – Osaka Fortune

Premier Sang

Osaka FortuneOsaka Fortune is a fiery four-way fusion. <\\….. Jojo Hiroshige of the legendary Hijokaidan chewing up his guitar’s frets… Lasse Marhaug siphoning the buzzing veins of electric chairs…. Afrirampo‘s Pika dynamo smacking the skins and yelling like Annabella’s bow wow phantom daughter whilst Paal Nilssen-Love throws his percussive toys down the stairs, up the walls, face plants them into the concrete ….//>

As you could imagine, this is a glorious mess, a satisfying noise fest giving this bleak January cage a good shakin’. A gathering where subtlety is sent flying in a corroded ear soup of fedback slash obliques, the cccraz-a-rash smazzzzsch of tight skin and metal caught up in the jzfzzzzeeeeft whir of right angled dental nightmares. It’s all coming at you

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Terrie Ex/Paal Nilssen-Love – Hurgu!


Terrie Hessels of the Dutch anarcho-punk-improv orchestra The Ex has never stopped with his raw punk attitude, but rather collaborated with numerous people over the years to get inspiration from and absorbing all elements of all music, but continuing to being raw and unpolished. In meetings with the Norwegian hard-hitting avant-garde drummer, Paal Nilssen-Love, two souls of similar attitude meet, although from very different background. Being a jazz drummer, Nilssen-Love holds his sticks well in the improvised area of music, much more than the average jazz musicians do today. Never letting any jazz-rules, however, decide who to collaborate with, has led him to perform with numerous exciting people, outside the jazz box. This makes for some exciting meetings, and exciting

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Mats Gustafsson/Paal Nilssen-Love/Mesele Asmemew – Baro 101


The Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love has made a fast and hard-hitting impact on many recordings in the national and international scene of free-jazz and improv these last years. Whether as a band member of [post=peter-brotzmann-live text=”Peter Brötzmann”]’s Chicago Tentet, the assembly of some of the leading musicians of today’s free-jazz, or in the powerful Hairy Bones also including the said German. Also worth mentioning are the remarkable recordings with Lasse Marhaug, either in the jazz-strangeness Fire Room, also including Ken Wandermark, or their duo collaboration release Stalk of the more sound-noise-improv-less-jazz style. No surprise then, that he was invited to [post=ililta-new-ethiopian-dance-music text=”Ethiopia by the Dutch-weird-punks from The Ex“], to do the Free the Jazz saxophone project, alongside other acclaimed musicians such as Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson. The Ex has been going to the Horn of Africa for many years, starting

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