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Tied + Tickled Trio – Electric Avenue Tapes

Label: Clearspot Format: CD,LP

Electric Avenue Tapes - sleeve This ‘trio’ are in fact a sextet, including the brothers Marcus and Micha Acher who enjoy playing with the conventions of jazz and introducing dub and electronics alongside improvisation. The first track, “United World Elevator”, is a good example, starting in a fairly minimalist style with sparse keyboard and drums, human, electronic or both. It suddenly takes on another dimension as the tenor saxophonist, Ulrich Wangenheim, asserts himself. His improvisations are impassioned and contribute a human voice as the electronic interference of Andreas Gerth infiltrates the mix.

The rest of the music seems closely focussed on the strong drum and bass with washes of sound spread over this foundation, as in “Tusovska Dub Version”. Here a simple but powerful bass riff drives through the scattering of electronics while the percussion is placed high in the

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When Worlds Collide: A Very Special Evening Of Frank Zappa Music with The Muffin Men & 10:10 Ensemble

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts 25 February 2001

The present-day composer refuses to die, according to Edgard Varese, a man with legendary eyebrows. He also influenced the guy whose music an eager bunch of resurrectionists revived in the Paul McCartney Auditorium. The Liverpool based-band The Muffin Men and the classical Ensemble 10:10 came together to re-create some of the compositions Zappa produced in his thirty-odd creative years of genre-hopping and -spanning. Anyone hoping for songs about guys with spindles up their butts, dental floss or hungry freaks daddy will have been disappointed but, judging by the audience’s enthusiasm and good-humour, disappointment wasn’t even in the auditorium. And I only heard one guy shout about not eating yellow snow.

The Muffin Men, a six piece, kicked off with selections mostly from 1969/70 material: “Chunga’s Revenge”, “Peaches en Regalia” and “Son Of Mr Green Genes” were all given a dusting off, reminding

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