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People Like Freq talk to People Like Us

June 2000

People Like Us is Vicki Bennett, a resident of Brighton on the South coast of England and creator of extraordinarily witty cut-up film and music projects which take the cultural critique of Plunderphonics into new dimensions of layered reference and dissociated signifiers. As with like minded spirits such as Manchester’s Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Californian pioneers Negativland and cod-orchestral Sythetizers The Tape-Beatles, People Like Us recordings use found sounds, old vinyl of dubious value in its original kitsch state, TV snippets and general audio detritus to nag at the edges of what constitutes sampling, copyright avoidance and sometimes music itself. Interviewed by Freq at the time of her stunning Brighton performance in February 2000, sections of the interview were later completed by email.

FREQ: What’s upcoming on the People Like Us front next?


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People Like Us/Dummy Run/Lucky Kitchen (live)

Komedia, Brighton 22nd February 2000

First round on a rare night of electronic experimentalism in Brighton, held in the converted supermarket cabaret venue Komedia and hosted by Semiconductor was Lucky Kitchen, an electronic duo between Alejandra Salinas and Aaron Bergman (AKA Alejandra and Underwood as the handy little placards placed on top of the mixer for each act stated). Their music was accompanied by a little video projection story, which strained at being cute, while we strained our eyes to read the sometimes garish captions. Apparently the story was about a creature called Pip and its misadventures, done in Hello Kitty style among other little creatures. For all its adorable stupidity, the Pip story really was lost on the audience, and the music could have done without it. Conversely, the music creations were clever enough; loads of natural sounds such as birds and insects and storms emerging in synch with

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