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The Pet Shop Boys – Electric


Pet Shop Boys - ElectricListen 1:

Wahey, new Pet Shop Boys!

[listens a bit]

Wahey! Pet Shop Boys!


Wahey. Hmm.

[more scratching, rolls fag]

Is this… uh… well, albums aren’t necessarily the best format for pop.

[wanders off]

Popjustice.com – probably the only place that talks about pop seriously without going all Paul Morley/ “I’ve got a crit theory degree but no actual liking for women/ gay folk” – has this idea about it taking 28 listens to get to grips with a pop song. Here, for instance. Which is probably about right – after the initial AAHHHH THIS IS EXCITING bit it’ll take a while to decide whether it’s any cop. I think things are a bit different on the Freq side of the fence – for me, certainly,

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