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Prince Rama – Xtreme Now


Prince Rama - Xtreme NowThe world has changed and moved on since Prince Rama were a three piece with ritual psychedelic overtones and a multi-coloured vision of India running through their music. Since then they have been whittled down to the two Larson sisters, who have taken the band in a very different directions from disco to almost noise music. Xtreme Now pushes this envelope even further out there.

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Prince Rama – Trust Now

Paw Tracks

“Rest in Peace”, the opening track of the latest Prince Rama album opens with a slightly strangulated House howl, the kinda thing you might have gurned circa 1990, which is then savagely dismissed without a thought, a discarded, non-devotional whore… the drum rumbles begin and then the Dead Can Dance Indian sweeps and suddenly we’re deep into what might be a psychosexual memory of Sinbad movies… a primary imprinting on chiffon and chant and painted ladies inside golden pots, concealed by red smoke… I should be clear, this isn’t intended as a slight… I’ve been playing this album a lot, perhaps because I’m imprinted that way too…

No punctuation, or at least no full stops…only accurate way to understand where this record is coming from… it’s breathless dandyism, artful sabre-tossing and ultimately a little melancholic because the sounds of the

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Prince Rama (live at The Nest)

The Nest, London 9 November 2010

Rrince Rama at The Nest, November 2010Rrince Rama at The Nest, November 2010The Nest is the old Barden’s Boudoir with a bit of a face lift. Rather than the stage being in the centre of the room, as it once was, it’s now tucked away nicely into a corner. As the venue is quite long (and there is a handy pillar right next to the stage) the further you stand back the less chance there is of seeing the band. This could end up being a real problem if the venue has a large audience. The stage also seems rather small as the three members of Prince Rama seemed to swamp the area. Maybe some of these things will be rectified as according to Prince Rama’s Michael Collins they were

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Prince Rama – Shadow Temple

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Prince Rama – Shadow TemplePrince Rama‘s ecstatic mantra-core would have smacked of mere exoticism hailing from any other clime than the Florida Hare Krishna community where this trio met. What we hear in their Shadow Temple album, more so than any of their previous releases, is an expression of a domestic American syncretic Hinduism, which embraces a core Saivism that is at first glance at odds with the Vaishnava Krishna-bhakti we might have expected. Meanwhile thundering out of the local spirit realm a distinctly Vedic Indra is gelded by a bizarre cowboy Mithras, and all of this before we even contemplate the cosmic repercussions of the Bodhisattva Avalokitasvara making out with Guru Nanak. That this is pursued with such vigour and intensity across the eight petals of Prince Rama’s temple with fiery budget-synthesiser action, tom-heavy

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