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Purson (live at The Lexington)

London 15 December 2016

Purson live December 2016 -0Winter in Britain in 2016 is grey, dreary affair, the trains are on strike nearly everyday, the post office is on strike and now you can’t even get away from it all as the staff on the airplanes are on strike. What is needed is the wonderful colourful psychedelic landscapes that only Purson can create to brighten up a dull winter’s day. There is, however, just one problem…

2016 has been the year that great music suffered. Apart from the deaths of legends like Bowie and Keith Emerson etc, etc, several good bands did not survive the year either, including Virginia Monti’s wonderful Psychedelic Witchcraft. Unfortunately Purson will not be spreading their wonderful music into 2017 as tonight’s show sadly is their final concert.

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Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre

Spinefarm/Machine Elf

Purson - Desire’s Magic Theatre Purson’s second album seems to have been a long time coming for their growing army of fans. With the stop gap EP In The Meantime giving us a glimpse into the direction the band would head towards next, it can now be seen as only a prelude to this multi-coloured psychedelic concept piece that will probably have people deciphering its meaning for the next twenty years.

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Purson / Crosa Rosa (live at The 100 Club)

Purson live at the 100 Club March 2016

London 16 March 2016

I had not been to the 100 Club in many years, so had forgotten what a strange space it is. The fact that the stage is put against a side wall so there is actually more standing space either side of than in front of it is kind of odd. But in the end none of this mattered as I was there to witness Purson play again, and this band would be great wherever they performed.

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Electric Wizard / The Cosmic Dead / Purson / Moss (live at The Roundhouse)

London 15 May 2015

Friday night at The Roundhouse, and the faithful are gathered for what promises to be a night of epic heaviness — four bands culminating with the mighty Electric Wizard are set to compete for our hearts, minds and ultimately, souls. However, due to a rubbish London Transport experience, I arrive when the first of them, Moss, are already half-way through their set.

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Purson/Ulysses(live at The Borderline)

Purson live at The Borderline, October 2014London 28 October 2014

Wow; it’s packed in here tonight, a testament to all the hard work Purson have done over the last couple years. I’ve been singing the bands praises here on Freq since the first time I reviewed them as support to Comus at this very venue.

First up were Ulysses, a foot-stomping four piece with their roots firmly set in the 1970s. Their sound reminded me a lot of smatterings of Terry Reid meets Thin Lizzy meets Ziggy-era Bowie with some great hooks that The Sweet would have been proud of. At times during their set I almost felt I was watching to an episode of Top Of The Pops from 1973, except there were no Pan’s People on stage. But at

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Purson – In The Meantime EP

Machine Elf

Purson – In The MeantimeIt’s 1967, The Beatles are No 2 in the charts with “Strawberry Fields,” Pink Floyd are playing The UFO Club, The Incredible String Band are discovering layers of the onion and Hapsash are designing posters to blow your mind. Fast forward 20 years and you have the Alice in Wonderland Club, The Dukes of Stratosphere, The Magic Mushroom Band and Freakbeat magazine. Now in 2014, yet another new wave of psychedelia has been making its way back into the underground clubs and venues for the last couple of years. One of the best bands to get the psychedelic/progressive tag is Purson and this new EP (OK, in my day a four track disc was called an EP) or mini-album shows

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Rise Above 25th Anniversary Show (live at The Garage)

Blood Ceremony live at The Garage December 2013London 28 December 2013

So who would have believed all those years ago that a small British label focusing mainly on doom music would last all this time? But by the time I went to the last anniversary show a few years back at the ULU it was obvious then that the scene had grown and the blood lust for this type of music hadn’t abated. In the pub across the road I heard some good things about Friday night’s show with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats headlining, so I couldn’t wait to get into the venue and experience what tonight’s acts were going to do in their time slots.

Age of Taurus live at The Garage December 

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Moss/Purson/Black Magician (live at The Underworld)

London 15 May 2013

Purson at the Underworld (pic: Andy Oram)It had been a while since I was last at The Underworld in Camden. At one point I almost seemed to live there, seeing some great doom bands week after week, so it’s always good to come back here. And what a night to do it on, a night of diabolus in musica with three of the hottest bands around.

As I enter the darkened room Black Magician are already creeping into their set. Haunting organ underpins some massive doom-laden riffs that hang in the air like the smell from a charnel house. Their sound is a mixture of huge Black Sabbath-style chords with eerie keyboards and a vocalist who sounds like he’s screaming from the very pits of hell. Their set

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Purson – The Circle and the Blue Door

Rise Above

Purson - The Circle And The Blue DoorPurson’s first album has been long awaited in some quarters. After the sell out limited release of their first single “Rocking Horse” and support slots for both Electric Wizard and Comus there’s been something of a buzz about this band and this LP doesn’t disappoint.

“Wake up Sleepy Head” is a beautiful acoustic opener with lush-sounding Mellotron and owes much to the lineage of ’70s psychedelic folk such as Mellow Candle and Trees. Rosalie Cunningham’s vocals are crystal clear and stirring during this opening mournful lament. The segues nicely into “The Contract,” a big, almost Prog meets Sabbath number, where Barnaby Maddick’s big Chris Squire-sounding bass riff underpins the verse that has Wakemanesque Mellotron drifting eerily underneath.

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Comus/Fusion Orchestra 2/Purson (live at The Borderline)

The Borderline, London 29 April 2012

It had been raining solid for 24 hours. The streets of London were filled with a babbling brook of water that the sodden masses had to navigate to stop them from getting drenched further and all the while more fell from the sky to dampen peoples Saturday night.

As I entered The Borderline the place was already beginning to fill out early. The word was out that Purson were hot and people gathered to see what the fuss was about. I had already heard them as I had managed to find a copy of their limited single on Rise Above and was looking forward to finally seeing the band live, and they didn’t disappoint.

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