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Quttinirpaaq – Dead September

Rural Isolation Project

Quttinirpaaq - Dead SeptemberWhat’s often advertised as noise-rock tends to be just noisy rock. It’s usually very straight forward and just a noisy use of instruments. Lovely as this can be, I find it refreshing when Austin noise-punks Quttinirpaaq‘s third Rural Isolation Project LP is said to be “bleeding-noise industrial electronic rock”. This is the solo project of Matt Turner, who also joins forces with King Coffey from the Butthole Surfers in stoner-noise-rock band Rubble. Not a stranger to other Texas-driven noise happenings, Turner turns his head and gives us a harsh experience, and while we get comfortable in our chairs in front of the speakers, he pierces our minds with feedback and distortions from beyond, but keeping us seated with beats.

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Quttinirpaaq – Let’s Hang Out

Rural Isolation Project

Quttinirpaaq – Let’s Hang OutOne of the great things about writing for Freq sometimes is that you get to hear some artists or albums you may not have stumbled across before. Quttinirpaaq is one of those artists. This LP comes on beautiful limited-edition coloured vinyl and is housed in a remarkable witch house-looking sleeve with an insert that hints of industrial music of old. It’s a feast for the eyes and I haven’t even given the thing a spin yet.

Side one opens with “Diary of a Pig Keeper’s Wife,” a heavy guitar drone interspersed with what sounds like chiming percussion but could also be electronics. Haunting voices from beyond the grave are buried beneath this aural assault. It seems to remind me

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Quttinirpaaq – No Visitors

Rural Isolation Project

Quttinirpaaq - No Visitors Quttinirpaaq‘s Matt Turner is condcucting a seance to summon the ’70s in a cement dirigible hangar. Coming from a long line of damaged Texan noise-punks like Roky Erickson, The Butthole Surfers and Pain Teens, Quttinirpaaq uses bad acid and bad horror movies as a gateway to a Dhalgren-limbo paradise, where Mario Bava‘s Demons dance the night away next to burning cars while Wolf Eyes and Helios Creed play and look on.

No Visitors is an essential transmission of blackened noise, dystopian soundscapes, tribal pounce and stoner groove; it has everything a noise freak or headbanger could desire. There is a lovely, fucked-up organic nature to these textures, real old-world noise style, which married with the particularly brutal and gnarly plodding metal

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