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Ryoji Ikeda – Supercodex


Ryoji Ikeda - SupercodexRyoji Ikeda is perhaps best known for his mastery of the ultra-minimal, for harnessing digital drones, glimmers and glitches to make unfolding sounds take seemingly apparent form in glacial patterns of space-filling lightness, of sounds so subtle as to only be noticeable when they have gone. When placed in the context of installations as found in galleries worldwide (his contribution of pure sine waves combined with stark brightness as experienced through shining tunnel of sound and light at the Sonic Boom group show at the Hayward Gallery in London in 2000 was exquisite) and recently in the dormant TWA Flight Center at JFK airport near New York – or as found in tandem with compellingly-minimal videos like the remarkable Formula – his work can provide a hauntingly immersive addition to any environment, built or perceived.

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Ryoji Ikeda – Formula

Label: NTT (available exclusively via Touch) Format: DVD (Region 0, NTSC)

Sometimes, nothing satisfies quite like the immersive intensity of a minimalist audio-visual feast for eyes, ears and cerebellum, and Formula provides more than adequate satisfaction on all counts. Starting with the packaging, which is realised with superb attention to detail and layout, from the gallery-quality booklet on heavy white paper encased in a protective plastic slipcase to the spacious listings of times and dates, releases and installations, complete with schematics and hall diagrams.

The DVD menus are equally straightforward – white screeens, titles, links. The disc divides into two sections, Installations and Concert. The former has eight selections, presented in both stereo and AC3 Surround Sound for the full audio impact of works which were created with immersive listening in mind. So it’s possible to recreate the Millenium Dome experience in any space, suitable or otherwise, to repaint a

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